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Pick1 and SurveyMonkey: Amplify Your Analysis with Social Data

Pick1 and SurveyMonkey: Amplify Your Analysis with Social Data

Pick1Opinion matters. Knowing more about who, where and what your customers are speaking out about gives you a wealth of information and data to strengthen and grow your business.

That power of opinion is truly amplified when you can put it into context. This includes context provided by social networks such as the location, gender, age and likes of a particular customer. Now thanks to Pick1 and SurveyMonkey‘s powerful new integration, matching customer opinions with contextually driven information is made easy.

Whether you’re researching consumer behavior, exploring new product ideas, or measuring customer satisfaction, you’ll get the information you need–over 200 social data points–to get to know your audience even better. Pairing SurveyMonkey up with Pick1 also means follow-up marketing initiatives and retargeting is even easy-breezier. A win-win for everyone!

So what does this mean exactly? You can expect these dynamic benefits:

Create new respondent groups

Your survey analytics will be more robust by tapping into the ability to cluster respondents by demographic groups. Find out if advocates for your product are more likely to be men ages 25-35 living in California who like to hike, or women ages 40-50 living in New York who are big fans of House of Cards.

Get actionable data

Tease out the true patterns behind your survey data. Understand your target customers more fully, monitor customer service efficacy, and learn who wants to buy.

But as we all know, seeing is really believing. So let’s take a look at this quick how-to video below.

We’d like to thank the entire team at Pick1! As always, please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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