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“Other” Answers to Streaming Websites

“Other” Answers to Streaming Websites

Streaming media has been a hot topic ever since major services like Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster, YouTube and Hulu (just to name a few) forged ahead by offering streaming and subscription offerings.

Recently, we’ve noticed a lot of activity around the subject in our SurveyMonkey Audience product.  Everyone from investors to advertisers seems to want to know what US adults think about streaming media.  Well, we thought if everyone wants insights into American’s streaming preferences, we should help our customers out and provide some intelligence on the subject.  So, we created a survey (of course).

We created a media tracking survey, which we plan to run periodically, to watch trends in device ownership and streaming video service usage and popularity.  Using SurveyMonkey Audience, we targeted US adults (with no other specific targeting or balancing) and asked for 600+ total respondents.  We needed a healthy size group of respondents because we wanted to do some branching and skip logic in our survey.

What did we find out?  We started out with device ownership. We weren’t surprised by the results, but they were very helpful for us to get a benchmark.  Here they are:

We also used this question as a filter to get a sense of whether one device was more popular for streaming services than others.  The big question was where are Americans watching streaming media?  The big players showed up – YouTube, Netflix and Facebook.  But, the really interesting data came from the “Other” category in the survey.  Using our text analysis, a few additional services surfaced.  Here are the results to the question:

And, here’s what showed up in the “Other” category; we plan to add these websites into the next version of our tracking survey:

This was a fun start for us to begin understanding streaming media preferences and usage. We aren’t experts in it, but we certainly feel a bit more intelligent on the topic.   We’ll run this survey again in future months in hopes to stay on top of trends, and to start developing insight that we can pass on to SurveyMonkey customers.  Tell us what you think, and let us know if there are other trends you would like us to follow.

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