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Onward to Enterprise: How Chime powers its growth with SurveyMonkey

Onward to Enterprise: How Chime powers its growth with SurveyMonkey

Picture this: You’ve been swimming along nicely with SurveyMonkey for some time, using surveys to develop your brand, your product, and your organization. Then you realize that as your business has grown, so has the number of people who need to send surveys—and the number of stakeholders invested in the results. Plus, you’ve reached a point in your growth where you need more: easier ways to manage users, better visibility into survey activity, maybe even the integration of your corporate SSO. You’re ready to dream bigger, and you’re wondering how SurveyMonkey as you’ve known it can help make those dreams happen.

That’s not an unusual scenario; in fact, it’s pretty much business as usual for SurveyMonkey. As businesses grow, so do their teams and their goals. It’s why our team plans are designed to be flexible, with different types of seats and the ability to add and manage those seats as needed. It’s also why SurveyMonkey Enterprise is often a natural next step for organizations that have seen success with SurveyMonkey and are ready to find out how more capabilities can lead to even bigger results.

So how do you know you’re ready for a SurveyMonkey Enterprise plan, and that it’s the best move for your business? To help you understand, let’s walk through one organization’s journey and how it may apply to your own survey needs. This is the story of mobile bank Chime, and how its SurveyMonkey Enterprise upgrade came at the right time to fuel its growth:

Chime is the largest and fastest-growing company in the mobile banking space, with over 8 million customers and counting. From the start, it used a mix of SurveyMonkey individual and team accounts to collect feedback on certain customer behavior sets and research industry competitors. As Head of User Research, Chuck Liu, shared, Chime’s marketing team began using the platform to get a better understanding of brand sentiment and evaluate partnership opportunities. On the product side, they aimed to answer questions like “What's top of mind right now? What's making people worried about their finances? What are they having trouble with?”

With surveys, Liu and crew were able to drive company-wide growth. And as the company grew, so did the requests for in-depth data and the need for features that could keep up. 

At one point, Chime managed 15 separate SurveyMonkey accounts, and was still fielding internal requests for more access and more analytics. Then there was the critical need for all collected data to meet the highly-regulated compliance mandates for financial service providers like Chime. “When it comes to personal consumer information like personally identifiable information,” says Liu, “if a financial service company faces a breach, it’s game over.” 

Chime had outgrown its individual and team plans, and SurveyMonkey Enterprise was a logical next step. “We need to be able to scale our organization to hundreds of people, and maintain not only the data quality, but also the data security,” said Liu. The benefits of upgrading to SurveyMonkey Enterprise fit Chime’s 3 main needs: 

  • Robust compliance and security features
  • Richer account controls
  • Complex data analytics

This included single-sign on, PII management, the ability to track all user activity, sentiment analysis, and more. But Chime’s proactive step forward with SurveyMonkey didn’t end there. Even as it upgraded to SurveyMonkey Enterprise, it also expanded its use of SurveyMonkey Audience—which allowed it to tap into a global base of potential customers and snag a major opportunity with the Dallas Mavericks

“SurveyMonkey is such an integral tool to what we do as a team—the executive team, product managers, designers, engineers—all of us get together and we utilize the SurveyMonkey data to set our entire roadmap and strategy.” 

Chuck Liu, Head of User Research, Chime

By taking stock of what it needed to continue to grow, Chime was able to recognize that new tools could help it get there.

No two companies are the same, but Chime’s journey with SurveyMonkey demonstrates how growth can’t happen without change. If you’re wondering whether you’d benefit from SurveyMonkey Enterprise, here are 4 questions to consider:

  1. Do you need control and ownership of sensitive and valuable customer and employee feedback data?
  2. Do you have new or increasingly critical needs, such as HIPAA compliance?
  3. Do you currently have a wide variety of plans (say, individual and teams) and want a more cohesive account for cross-functional collaboration?
  4. Has your company grown significantly, with bigger teams, more stakeholders, and more data requests?

Get a better understanding of how your company could benefit from powerful admin tools, integrations, and collaboration features. Learn more about SurveyMonkey Enterprise.