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Insights into a Culture Uncovered: The Brony Report

Insights into a Culture Uncovered: The Brony Report

Online-Survey-BronyWhat do you get when you mix an obscure subculture, a curious pseudo-sleuth, and our awesome survey tool? More information than you ever knew existed about My Little Pony, and the Bronies that love them, for one.

We were wandering around the web when a recent Wired article caught our attention.  A certain “Coder Brony” recently used SurveyMonkey for the first-ever “Brony Herd Census.”   I had never heard of a “Brony” till this week, but now I know more about this cultural phenomenon than ever before. clued me in to the fact that a Brony is a (generally) male fan of the new My Little Pony show or franchise. Bronies aren’t just any, run of the mill fans—they’re generally pretty involved in the Brony community…one might say fanatical.

But how common are Bronies? And what kinds of people are taking part in subculture? That’s exactly what Coder Brony, a 40-something-year-old male writer and software engineer, sought to find out with his “Brony Herd Census” survey.

Brony used SurveyMonkey to survey 9,000 respondents about those very questions. He analyzed the results himself to create a whopping 89-page report with key insights into Brony demographics, habits, and preferences, among other things.  The results revealed some interesting Brony data:

•    85.71% of respondents were male, and 89% were between the ages of 15 and 29
•    60% have spent money on pony products
•    79% have gone public (come out of the Brony closet)
•    The biggest Brony population lives in California, but per capita the most Bronies are in the state of Washington
•    Twilight Sparkle is the pony with the biggest following, followed by Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie

Here’s a quote from the Wired article:

“I created it because I was curious about what type of ponies made up the Brony herd, and how they differed from the SF/fantasy fandom I grew up with,” explained Brony, who lives in New England, in an e-mail to “They definitely have a much more loving and supportive attitude than the average fans I’ve encountered.”

So there you have it. The Brony Herd Census is shedding light on an area that has too often been ignored. Bronies are clearly among us, and they’re here to stay. Plus, they’re just plain awesome. Without the answers afforded to us by online surveys, who knows how long we would have lived in the dark about this culturally explosive group!

What kind of obscure subjects are you using online surveys to gain insight into? We’d love to hear your stories.

And, for the record, Monkeys LOVE Bronies!

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