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How to Hold Vendors Accountable for Online Market Research Quality

How to Hold Vendors Accountable for Online Market Research Quality
TrueSample data report

I’m always surprised when I hear a research buyer say that they believe their research vendors are meeting data quality standards on their research even though the vendor has provided no evidence to support this claim.  I’ve even heard buyers say that their vendors are charging for and implementing TrueSample on every research project, but the end client has no evidence of this implementation. In fact, we’ve confirmed that, despite their claims, some of these vendors were not using TrueSample.

Buyers do not have to fall prey to these false claims. Buyers must hold vendors accountable for quality, and demand proof that online data quality standards and techniques are being implemented on every research project. If your vendors tell you that they are using TrueSample, then you should request that they share the reports with you for all projects.

Here’s an example of a TrueSample report:

TrueSample data report
TrueSample reports provide a simple and easy way for the vendor to clearly demonstrate that they’ve improved your research quality.  And it’s a simple way for you to feel satisfied that all respondents in your projects meet the standards to deliver the research results you need.

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