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Get the Most Out of Open-Ended Survey Responses with NVivo & SurveyMonkey

Get the Most Out of Open-Ended Survey Responses with NVivo & SurveyMonkey

Heads-up, dear survey-makers. If you’re a fan of writing open-ended survey responses–a great way to let your respondents tell you what they think in their own words–then we think you’ll be thrilled about our latest partnership with NVivo.

NVivo is the most popular software for analyzing qualitative data like open-ended survey responses, social media, photos, video and more. Students and professors, market researchers, and healthcare professionals across the globe rely on NVivo in order to uncover fact-based discoveries.

Now that we’ve teamed up, you’ll be able to make the most out of your open-ended survey responses. It’s easy. After collecting your data in SurveyMonkey, use NVivo to find patterns by easily exploring, organizing and visualizing your survey responses. Their powerful tools will help you quickly discover subtle connections and make sense of what your respondents are sharing with you.

But we don’t want to just tell you, we’d love to show you.

Get started with your NVivo account here.

Many thanks are due to Ronald Haupt, Hai Le, Don Touch, Jason Flett, Lisa Sim, Zoe Gaylard and the entire NVivo team for their hard work on this integration.

Want to integrate with SurveyMonkey? Just visit our developer portal to get started.

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