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Meet Our New Themes

Meet Our New Themes

The Monkey team spends a lot of time working on features that improve survey quality (such as Question Bank), that make analysis easier (such as Text Analysis), and that make complex logic easy to implement (such as Question & Answer Piping). All the behind-the-scenes things that make surveying easy and fun for you.

But, we also realize that while you care about how your surveys work, you also care about how they look. Yes, looks do matter.

With that in mind, we recently added 12 new themes for you to choose from—available for all plans, including our free plan. While we were at it, we also cleaned up and updated key elements in our surveys. Now you can look smart and pretty too.

Fresh new colors.

SurveyMonkey themes have always been vibrant and playful, but we wanted to add some fresh new color choices and also tidy up the alignment and spacing of the form elements in the survey. We tapped our collective creative juices and created a range of vibrant color combinations inspired by everything from fashion, the seasons,, to scuba diving photos one of our designers took on a recent vacation.

Feeling cheerful? Try Summer. Seeking sophistication? Velvet should do. For something more corporate, try Seriously Blue or Rain, but if you’d rather be on a tropical vacation, take Anemone for a spin.

Click on each theme below if you’d like to see it in an actual survey:
Modern Monkey
Seriously Blue

Not just a pretty face.

Aside from our efforts to make your surveys look more attractive, we also had some other design principles in mind:

  • Ease of use: New custom check marks make for large, click-able targets. Larger default text sizes ensure that questions and response options are easy to read. Surveys will look consistent across all browsers and platforms.
  • Accessibility: All new themes meet web accessibility standards and are Certified Section 508 compliant.
  • Flexible Layout: The updated survey design allows for a wide range of question types and theme choices will work with or without a logo. As an example, we designed a new “Exit this survey” button to work on any color background.
  • Performance: Page load times were important to keep extremely fast (no one wants to wait while their survey loads!), so the underlying code was optimized for caching and speedy delivery.
  • Backwards compatibility: No changes were made that would be disruptive to our existing customers. And old, classic, themes are still supported–so no need to worry about any active surveys.

We’d love to hear what you think of our new survey themes in the comments below. Or better yet, suggest a theme you’d like to see when we add more.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Our New Themes

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Nice new colors and themes. Would love to have more choice in different answering buttons.

  2. Alicia says:

    It would be nice to have holiday themes. We used the survey monkey in our department to find out what type of Christmas party our department would like to have. It would have been fun to have a Christmas themed background or colors for the survey.


    1. Bennett P says:

      Alicia – Great idea! Will pass on the suggestion to the team. Thank you for using our tool, and have FUN at this year’s holiday party!!

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