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New! SurveyMonkey Launches Mobile App Insights Platform, SurveyMonkey Intelligence

New! SurveyMonkey Launches Mobile App Insights Platform, SurveyMonkey Intelligence

RidesharingApps. Can’t live without them, right? We’re constantly using all kinds of mobile apps. From planning out our day, monitoring our calories or steps, to navigating or finding that next special someone—there’s an app for practically everything we need in our daily lives.

Need proof? Well, there are currently over 1.5 million apps available to download, and more are being developed every day.

We have one mission: help people make great decisions, anywhere. So with that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce SurveyMonkey Intelligence, our newest product that lets you compare all kinds of competitive data from over 1,000 mobile apps. And guess what? It’s free to get started, and it’s a cinch to use—promise.

Why should I care about competitive mobile app data?

As a Zynga alumni and VP of Words With Friends, I experienced firsthand the frustration in trying to get competitive app insights at an accessible, affordable price. We created SurveyMonkey Intelligence to make it easier for product managers, marketers, and public market and venture investors to build a better app strategy, get quick and accessible insight into the mobile app economy, and do better diligence.

At SurveyMonkey, we saw that there was a lack of great mobile app data, and we believe we’re the best ones to fill this void. With 17 years of democratizing access to surveys under our belts, we’re going one step further by providing affordable access to mobile app data.

What can SurveyMonkey Intelligence do for me?

SurveyMonkey Intelligence can answer any number of burning questions you might have. What’s the biggest music app? Does that differ by Android and iOS?

Music streaming

It can tell you which app we use most for streaming TV

Video streaming

Or, it can tell you what dating app women hang out on the most

Dating apps

Check out the platform yourself for free to find the answers to these and any other questions you might have (really— with a free account you can look up any of the 1,000+ apps we track on monthly active users and downloads) and let us know what you think!

PS—Already a SurveyMonkey customer? Then you already have access to SurveyMonkey Intelligence. There’s no sign-up required. Just login with your SurveyMonkey username and password to get started.

Abhinav Agrawal
VP, SurveyMonkey Intelligence

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