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Come Test Drive the Future of Survey Creation

Come Test Drive the Future of Survey Creation

Salutations survey-makers! My name is Kevin Hale and I serve as a Product Manager here at SurveyMonkey. My team has been tasked with the great responsibility of reimagining and building out a brand new survey creation experience for SurveyMonkey. Before you get a little too excited (or scared), I want to assure you that at this moment, we still have a long way to go. A very long way.

Obviously, redesigning a product used by millions is no easy task, and we are determined to do this right. It’s actually why I’m here. We really want to get our users involved early in our process. We want you to help us make the next iteration of SurveyMonkey the best it can possibly be.

And so today, we are announcing an exciting first for our company. We are releasing a sneak preview of the work we have so far on the new survey creation experience and welcoming anyone and everyone to try it out and give us some initial feedback. You can test drive it at

Faster Question Editing UI

Please keep in mind that this is basically a prototype — a very high quality prototype, mind you, that we’re really proud of — but fundamentally incomplete at this stage. That said, here’s some cool features to check out in this version of our work:

  • Easy to Follow 3 Step Experience
  • Question Type Consolidation
  • Drag and Drop Deliciousness
  •  Live Theme Preview
  • Integrated Access to Templates and Question Bank
  • Easier Access to Hiding and Showing Major Survey Elements
  • Improved Move and Copy Interfaces (Can also drag to reorder)
  • Industry first MiniMap Preview
  • Responsive Layout

What’s even more exciting is that over the next few months, we’ll be updating this demo with new features as we build them out and incorporating your feedback as we go. We’ll even be following up here on the blog with behind the scenes posts on the design decisions we’re making and providing in-depth coverage on the new features we’re baking into your new Create.

So follow us here on the blog and give us your thoughts in the comments section below. And please come back often. It’s going to be a show.

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111 thoughts on “Come Test Drive the Future of Survey Creation

  1. If you are interested in Usability assistance please do give us a call. We have worked with such companies as EA, Sony, Disney, and Forbes just to name a few. Please visit our website to learn more or give us a call at 630*522*0855. Have a great day.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Thanks Michel – We appreciate the offer. Have a great day.

    2. Tin oo says:

      Thank you for your invitation. I will try my best to participate with you all. Have a nice day.

      1. Hanna J says:

        Hi Tin – Great! We’re looking forward to your feedback. Thanks, and have a great day!

  2. Katrina says:

    The new format makes editing the layout of the survey so much easier, plus it looks really slick and accessible, which will appeal to our more technophobic users.

    Really looking forward to more updates, but will it work for people on older browsers e.g IE 6?

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Katrina – Great, we’re so glad you like it! Our new logged-in home page is officially supported on Chrome, Firefox, and IE 7+. Thanks, and have a great day.

  3. Tom S says:

    Looks nice, will it handle embedded html any better than the current version? Alternatively consider giving us the option to add and format an instruction line (e.g. “Choose One”) below the question for example:

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
    Choose One

    Conditional questions would be cool too

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Tom – It should handle embedded html better than the current version. Why don’t you give it a spin and let us know what you think? Thanks for your feedback. We agree, conditional questions would be a great question feature. I’ve passed on your comment along to our product team. Check back in for the latest innovations in our survey tool. Thanks!

  4. Your new interface is easy to use and straight forward. Good work. Two changes would greatly improve the Survey Monkey product.
    1. When in the survey design process, it would be nice to have the ability to create and save for later quick insertion, alternate multiple choice responses. Example: one set might be “excellent, good, satisfactory, marginal, poor”, and another set might be “always, often, sometimes, seldom, never”.
    2. When it comes times to analyze responses, the current system of selected a PDF output works fine for the quantitative results, but it does not include narratives to open-ended questions. It should. Open-ended responses should be printed verbatim (without date/time/identity indictors) as part of the standard PDF output. As it is now, I have to do a cumbersome cut and paste into WORD to give my clients the narratives to review. Thanks!

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Gary – Thanks for your feedback! It sounds like you’re a survey-making pro. We’re currently working on creating a new Analyze as well as Create experience. Would you be interested in test-driving our Analyze Beta? If so, comment back with your username and/or email address, and we’ll get you in there. We’d love to have your perspective. Thanks.

      1. Amy Gullickson says:

        Sign me up for that Beta as well, please. I am a frequent user and have found the reporting function fairly frustrating and would be glad to give some feedback about your new version.Thanks for asking!

        1. Hanna J says:

          Hi Amy – We’d love to! What’s your SurveyMonkey username? Let us know, and we’ll get you singed up. Thanks!

    2. Debbie says:

      Hi Gary,
      When I download my analysis in PDF format, I simply check off, “include open-ended questions” (under Summary Report) and I get all of my narratives, verbatim, appended to the end of the pdf.

      1. Hanna J says:

        Hi Debbie – You’re absolutely right. Thank you! We really appreciate you helping out your fellow survey maker.

        Gary, to learn how to do that, check out this article from our help center:

        We hope you both have great weekends!

  5. Hi Kevin,

    Great work.

    I am always frightened of new technology but I appear to have had no difficulties developing a basic bilingual questionnaire in both the Irish language (Gaeilge) and English. Perhaps you could develop a Language Planning Community Survey in course.

    Have a great day and enjoy all the research.

    An-obair ar fad.

    Tá faitíos orm i gcónaí roimh theicneolaíocht nua ach ní raibh aon deacrachtaí agam buncheistiúchán dátheangach a fhorbairt i nGaeilge agus i mBéarla araon.

    Seans go mbeifeá in ann Suirbhé Pobail na Pleanála Teanga a fhortbairt ar ball beag.

    Bíodh lá maith agat agus bain sult as an taighde ar fad..

    Le meas / Regards,

    Seósamh Mac Ionnrachtaigh

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Seósamh – We love your bilingual comment! Thanks so much for the great feedback. We’ll definitely pass your template idea on to the methodology team. Have a great day.

  6. Sebastian says:

    This is a fantastic change to the service. It is more fluid, responsive and easy to use. Can’t wait to see what more is added.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Sebastian – Thanks for your feedback! We’re so pleased that you like our new survey Create. We’ll have new updates coming soon, so check back in for the latest. Have a great day!

  7. Karlyn Eckman says:

    A few comments:
    1. The current version of Survey Monkey works extremely well for the types of surveys we do. Why change something that already works very well?
    2. Our research deals with environmental outcomes. None of the demo categories deal with natural resources or the biophysical sciences. Will the new version accommodate a wider variety of options?
    3. The major drawback with the current Monkey is its inability to provide mean, standard deviation and other basic metrics. Adding this capacity would be far more desirable than a cosmetic change of the existing interface.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Karlyn – We’re glad you’re satisfied with our product, but we won’t be satisfied until we feel like we’ve created the best online survey tool we can build. The new Create is, in our humble opinion, a huge leap in the right direction.

      Our survey templates are designed by professional survey methodologists to yield reliable, non-biased results. We are very much interested in expanding out repertoire of templates, but we want to make sure we stick to the same standard of excellence when creating that as we used when creating our existing ones. We’ll blog about it when we release new templates, so check back in for the latest.

      You will be interested to know that our Monkey engineers are completely rebuilding out Analyze feature as we speak! We hope that the new Analyze, along with the new Create, will totally blow your survey-making mind, and will be flexible and powerful enough to give you the kind of detailed analysis you’re looking for. Would you be interested in test driving the new Analysis? If so, let us know your username, and we’ll get you set up in Beta.


  8. Jim says:

    The surveys I create are typically bilingual (English and French). In the existing version it is very difficult/awkward to integrate the results of the English and French surveys when undertaking the analyses – I would hope that you would address this issue in the redesign.


    1. Hanna J says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Jim. Would you like to be connected with someone from our product team to share your ideas and suggestions directly?

  9. Dominador F Gallardo says:

    I looked at it from a respondent’s POV. Cool. Easy.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Dominador – Great, we’re so glad you like it! Thanks for your feedback. Have a great day :)

  10. nagamani says:

    hai this is nagamani and i want to participate in the survey concept due to my interest so please consider my interest please

  11. nagamani says:

    and i completed my graduation in business management and i have a interest to partcipate

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Nagamani – Would you like to sign up to take opinion surveys to donate money for charity? We’d love to have you represented in our Audience. To sign up for Contribute and select the charity you’d like to benefit, visit this page: Thanks!

  12. Samir says:

    It sure looks nice. And now that things are changing in Survey Monkey can I request for a better form of a much needed feature: live results. I am involved in carrying out Delphi consultations via SurveyMonkey and this is one thing I would love to see. I guess respondents are able to see results when they complete the survey through one of the options at present but it is very restrictive.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Samir – Good, we’re so glad you like our new look. We do offer live results, but we’re sorry if they’re not as flexible as you’d like. That’s something we’ll work to improve in the new Create. In the meantime, check out this post from our help center to get you started with live results: Thanks!

    2. Jeff Weiglemeir says:

      I would like to see this also. Live results would help with making a quick change or respoding to customer needs if available at the time of a particular fast reaponse or question. Is it possible to look at a response after or before it is taken?

      1. Hanna J says:

        Hi Jeff – We offer live results! To learn more, check out this article from our help center: Thanks!

  13. Thanks. for my case, am still learning the operationalization of the on-line survey. Yet i see most comments appreciating the new in-put on the tool.
    I look forward to enjoying the programme.


    1. Hanna J says:

      Thanks for your comment, Geoffrey. We look forward to creating surveys with you.

  14. Armaan Mukarji says:

    Hello guys,

    I love the work you all are doing. However there somehow seems to be an unequal balance of work and effort going into making the latter part of survey and research possible. This is the reporting side of thing. There is far too much reliance on downloading data to third party software like SPSS etc. And the csv downloads to excel are OK but still a pig to work with.

    I think Survey Monkey could do a hell of a lot better stepping it up a notch with the on-board reporting tools, basic customisable charts for all items in one go, basic correlations, allowing for greater flexibility with crosstabs and filters and the use of multiple selection on both.

    We are in the middle of developing a large scale 360 feedback process and might have to invest a lot of time and resources developing and customising something to meet our needs.

    Any future planed developments in this areas?

    Best wishes,

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Armaan – Wow, we’re impressed by how well you understand our product. We’re working on building a brand new Analyze right now, and we think you’re going to be really happy with it. You sound like the perfect candidate to test it out and give us your feedback! Would you be interested in taking a sneak peak at the new features? If so, give us your username and/or email address, and we’ll give you access to Beta so you can check it out yourself. Thanks, we hope to hear from you.

  15. wangyx16 says:

    I fisished the survey last week. Pls check it.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi, We’d be happy to check your survey, but we’re not quite sure exactly what you mean. If you need help getting responses for your survey, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall. Thanks, and have a great day!

  16. Andrew says:

    Great Stuff. Do we have an expected timeframe as to when the new features might be available?

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Andrew – Create is still very much a work in progress, but the first version is up and running. Come try it out, and let us know what you like and what still needs work, so we can build the best possible survey Create experience for you: Thanks!

  17. Greg Brady says:

    Good on you Survey Monkey for taking this on. I have been using Survey Monkey since the beginning and think it is a wonderfull tool and am exicited that it is going to get even better. Yes the create demo does make it easier to create surveys and it looks better. I am really interested in the analysis and reporting upgrades to come as this is where I think goals need to be kicked for you to stay at the forfront of this space. I concur with what others have said in relation to that so far and would add that some thought needs to go into improved ‘content’ anaylsis and reporting of Qualitative data. Thanks again & keep up the good work.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Greg – Great, we’re so glad you like our new Create! We are also working on major improvements to our Analysis tools, including better looking and more customizable charts, and a more flexible, easier-to-use interface for creating filters and crosstabs and saving custom reports. We’ll post about it once we’re done, so check back in for the latest. Thanks!

  18. Steven Pham says:

    Thanks Survey Monkey, I used survey from SM to collect anwser, it’s is very easy, fun and save time. If you want more feartures, you have more choice plans & pricing

    1. Hanna J says:

      Thanks Steven, for your nice feedback. It’s always good to hear nice things on Monday :). We hope your week is starting off well too!

  19. Carl says:

    As is said above the focus on the survey setup side is great to see. I really look forward to the analysis upgrade you mention Hannah. The presentation and sharing of live results in a much more customisable way is really key here.

    Levels of access to results would be a useful feature here – on top of the increasing breadth and depth of statistical analysis possible. This is particularly with emailed surveys where we are a 100% aware of who is receiving both the survey and results subsequently. But also with clients who want to share results with customers and staff but are concerned about reactions from certain information being widely available.

    I guess a user admin side is what I’m getting at. Maybe this goes beyond what you guys are looking at right now but we – and many others from comments above – have had to look elsewhere to do this so far.

    BTW love to be involved with the Analysis testing when that comes around. Thanks a great job so far to everyone at Surveymonkey. Keep it up.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Carl – Thank you so much for your great feedback. We just sent you an email, so we should be getting you set up in Analyze shortly. We’re really looking forward to hearing what you think. Thanks!

  20. Temoc says:

    Is there a way to see how long a respondent took to complete a particular question?

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Temoc – In the Browse Responses section, you can use the start and end time stamps to gauge how long it took your respondents to answer their surveys. The Start/End Dates are located on the top of each response in the Analyze section.

      Please see the following Help page:

      You could also consider creating a Filter by Property to assess timing.

      This Help page will show you how to set that up:
      Hope this helps! Thanks, and have a great day.

  21. Jo M says:

    This is a great website and valuable tool. I look forward to using the new format. A couple things that crossed my mind is that as I began to use it. 1) It would have been nice to have more complete examples of question types and how analyzed results would be reported. For example, if you chose this type of question, this is how the results will show up. Or even better would be choosing your own option of how results are reported. I created surveys that reported back in percentages (%) when bar graphs were prefered so I had to recreate. 2) I agree with Gary’s # 2. It would be helpful to have the responses (comments) stay open when converting rather than having to copy and paste individually. When you open one, the other one closes. In order to simplify, we have chosen to only have one comment field which is not as helpful to our learners who like specific feedback. Thanks!

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Jo – Thanks for you’re feedback! I’ve passed it along to our Create product team. Have a great day.

  22. Christopher Lee says:

    Hi – I really like the new design and look forward to using it! Regarding the current design, my respondents would like to have the ability to print their individual responses when they complete the survey, for their records, without having to obtain them through me (which are often a challenge to locate). A feature that would allow for this, and the ability to print all responses, would be great. Just a thought. Thanks.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Christopher – Thanks for the feedback! That’s a great suggestion, and I’ve passed it along to the Create product team. We’ll continue to post about what’s new with Create (as well as Analyze), so check back in for the latest. Thanks.

  23. Dr. Heather Shott says:


    I would like to incorporate Survey Monkey at our campus for our student and graduate surveys. Is there any way someone form Survey Monkey can give me a call to discuss the set up process. I would really appreciate it! I can be reached at 858-654-3630.

    Thank you!

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Dr. Shott – We’ve passed along your information along to support. Someone should be calling you shortly. Thanks!

  24. James M. says:

    I would like 3 things please.

    1. The ability to download the questionnaire in Microsoft Word format. This would allow others in my ofiice to make comments via track changes.

    2. The ability to downlaod the questionnaire with full documentation of the skip logic printed on the questionnaire. This would allow others to help test that the skip logic is logical, and is programmed correctly, It also helps in interpretation of the output by making it explicit who was allowed to answer each question.

    3. The ability to copy questions and pages from a variety of older surveys into the current survey being designed.


    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi James – That’s great feedback. I’ve passed it along to the Create team. We’ll continue to post about new features and capabilities here, so check back in for the latest. Thanks, and have a great day!

  25. Rebecca Hajduk says:

    The drag and drop features and the quick transversing through options like question bank and edit functions is totalling rockin’ my survey making socks off!

    Really looking forward to seeing the new analyse tools.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Rebecca – That is music to a Monkey’s ears! Thanks for your feedback. We can’t wait to hear what you think about the new Analyze! Have a great day.

  26. Philip says:

    Hoping for addtional question type category with a metrix type with a combination of bullet, multiple, single text, dropdown.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Philip – Thanks for your feedback! We’ve passed it along to the product team. We’ll continue to post about the newest Create and Analyze features here, so check back in for the latest. Thanks, and have a great day.

  27. Arindam Mahata says:

    Nice to see this survey development process. I would like to contribute my part for the same.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Arindam – We’re glad you’re along for the survey-making ride. We’ll continue to post updates here, so check back in, and let us know your feedback! Thanks.

  28. I am not an expert in survey. I did the survey following your instructions. This new looks that dragging is going to be faster. This is a feature that is important. I will continue looking for more updates to give my humble opinion.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Javier – Thanks for your comment! We appreciate hearing what you think as we work to make the product easier and more flexible for you to use. Keep the feedback coming! Thanks, and have a great day.

  29. Graeme S says:

    I really really like the new survey creation tool. Favourite feature has to be the drag and drop on questions. You have no idea how many times I’ve almost slipped up trying to move questions to different parts of the survey.

    I would love to know if you are going to make similar changes to the ‘Analyze’ tab as my main concern is what format we can extract data from via our surveys… in particular the free text responses as it can be tricky getting this data out along with the quantitative survey responses.

    Great work everyone, looking forward to seeing this develop.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Graeme – We’re working on all kinds of things that are going to make Analyze easier to use, more flexible, and more powerful. We’ll post about it here once we’re done, so stay tuned! Thanks.

  30. Sammy says:

    I read all questions from other users and overall rating of your new Create is good. One thing though, we are using your product internally, however some employees are still using IE6 and we can’t upgrade them (due to some reasons as they need to stick with IE6). What will happen if they visit survey on the new look? Do we have an option to keep the old version of SurveyMoney? Thanks and keep up the great work!

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Sammy – You’re right, the new Create will not be supported by IE6. During the transition period, you will have access to the old version of SurveyMonkey as well as the Beta Create. Eventually, however (probably sometime at the end of this year) we will transition everyone over to the new Create. We’re so sorry for any inconvenience!

  31. MIN says:

    hi, how r u

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi – We’re doing great! How are you?

      1. Bob says:

        Quick question on the new format. Any chance there can be a function where when you are building a survey, you can copy an individual question from another survey?

        1. Hanna J says:

          Hi Bob – Thanks for your question! Our auto complete feature currently pulls the last 1,000 survey questions you created. Just start typing your question, and the drop down menu will pull the questions that begin similarly. And yes, that feature will be available in the new version as well. Thanks!

  32. Bruce says:

    I build surveys for multiple projects on a regular basis. One huge request I get is for embedding video. I use another service for that as I can at least put some custom html and use an iframe for the video. (these are proprietary videos for research)
    I would like to see the option for a video file (.flv,.mov,.wmv,.ogv,mp4 etc.) to be either directly inserted into a survey and hosted by you or if not then a greater level of html control.
    It would be best if you had the capacity for the video on your system as that would avoid cross site security errors but I could live with directly placing html.
    iFrames are my last choice.
    Any thoughts on this?
    Oh and I also do custom UX/UI design although it appears you have that covered.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Bruce – Thanks for that feedback! I’ve passed it along to the Create Product Team. In the meantime, check out this article from our help center about adding videos to your survey using custom HTML: Thanks!

  33. Great improvement guys, hope to make the most out of this site.
    Good job.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Abdul – Thanks for the words of encouragement! We appreciate you :)

  34. Maithm says:

    Good web nice add information I help to read English thank you

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Maithm – Thanks. Your English sounds great. If you scroll the bottom of our website (, you can also change the whole site into any language you want. Just in case ;)

  35. hendrya says:

    thanks for the invitation, I joined in support with your work, if could be made easier in terms of language, meaning there should be a language of each country’s only my advice, because most users it is difficult to understand due to language differences.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Hendrya – To change the language that you view the site in, just scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the correct language. That will change the entire site’s language for you. Thanks!

  36. db says:

    HI Hanna,

    Thanks for moderating the comments so well. I appreciate that your process is still evolving and I appreciate that your getting feedback so early. It can be a painful process. But to business.

    1) Can you clarify what problems this re-design is hoping to solve?
    2) I pay surveymonkey for features. Convince me that you are adding features not just stuffing up a the existing interface.
    3) SurveyMonkey has a lot of power hidden in the options. The new interface seems to be making this even harder to get to. How will the new interface expose this for power users?
    4) SurveyMonkey needs to expand the range, type and features of the questions availible. I have accounts a couple of online survey instruments and there are things that are hard or impossible to do in SurveyMonkey that are easy in other tools. The monkey is my favorite but I have to follow the features that will do the job in front of me. GET MORE QUESTION TYPES. Scales, images, hotspots etc. Make the monkey better; the interface is not the problem.



    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi DB – The goal of the redesign is to make the survey creation process more intuitive, flexible, and powerful. We’re not just cleaning up the interface. We’re adding a ton of question types and features (for the latest, see this blog post:, and completely revamping our Analyze process. We hope all this will make for a significantly better survey experience for you. Try it out and let us know. We’re eager to hear your feedback :)

  37. marlene says:

    i would like to hear more from you and see where can i put my nails in to help

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Mariene – We’d love to get you in the new Create! Send us your SurveyMonkey username, and we’ll get you set up. Thanks!

  38. Rebecca says:

    Please be sure the print is dark enough that people can read it. Thank you.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Rebecca – Thanks for pointing that out! We’ll be sure to do so. Thanks, and have a great day.

  39. sean says:

    Looks great, easy to use, easy on the eye, it all makes for a pleasant journey. Great work :)

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Sean – We’re so pleased that you like it. Thanks for your feedback. Have a great day!

  40. Joanne Reel says:

    I am impressed by the improvements to Create. Although I found the original version user friendly, the new process for creating surveys is extremely logical and visual.

    In terms of feedback, I would reiterate some of the other posters regarding including open ended responses in downloads and the having percentages in the reports produced. I normally download the data into a csv file but then manipulate the date to produce my own graphs. Another improvement I would suggest is that if you have a N/A as a answer option, the subsequent reports produce % based on the total figure less the N/A count.
    Finally one problem I encountered was using your feedback icon. When I tried to type in the box, some of the keys in my keyboard did not work and it was impossible to leave feedback. This has happened on one other site – LinkedIn and I cannot figure out what causes this to happen. This does not occur on the existing version of SurveyMonkey or on this page. Maybe you can shed some light on this.

    Otherwise well done and keep up the great work. I love surveymonkey and look forward to using the new and improved version. Btw I would be really interested in test driving the new Analyse. Thanks

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Joanne – That’s some great feedback! Thank you for sharing. We’ve passed it along to the product team, and will do what we can to implement it.

      As far as the new Analyze, you should be able to test drive it already. Just log into your account, open the survey you’d like to analyze, and the Beta tab will appear to the right of the standard Analyze tab. Let us know if you have trouble finding it, and we’ll help out (or you can follow the directions in this blog post: Thanks!

  41. Ross says:

    Hi guys, loving the new interface. It is really helpful, I think, and even though it’s simple, it still provides enough options to make a thorough and flexible survey. Tested it on Chrome and FF and it works great! Keep up the good work and I hope the final product will be here soon. I’m sure it’s going to be awesome! :)

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Ross – Thanks for your comment! It was a lovely thing to read first thing on Friday morning. Keep reaching out with your feedback, and we’ll keep working hard to bring you a great survey making experience. Thanks!

  42. domnic says:

    Dear Team
    just let you know that i was trying to click this servey but i was getting confused that its just demo or starts of survey because its was not getting click right place
    so please lets us know we should go about it will be great help
    and may give proper answer to solve

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Domnic – Uh oh. Sorry you’re having trouble! Just click the center of the first image, and it will take you to the interface preview. Does that make sense? You can also go to: Thanks!

  43. Lisa says:

    Hi, congratulations on asking for feedback at this stage in the process!

    Two thoughts occur to me.

    1. Sometimes I want to use one existing survey as my ‘template’ when I start revising it and building a new survey, but it would be really time-saving if I could copy some questions from another survey into the new one, too. Could that feature be added?

    2. Please don’t forget us keyboard users! I have a (trackball) mouse, but I use it as little as possible due to RSI. It would make a HUGE difference if you could add keyboard functionality (eg Alt+E to edit, Ctrl+S for save, etc). It’s also a lot quicker… ;-)

    I’ll be back if I think of more things!


    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Lisa – Thanks so much for your feedback! Those are some great suggestions (from one keyboard user to another ;), and we’ve passed them along to the Create product team. We appreciate you reaching out to let us know how we can bring you the best survey experience possible, and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Thanks!

  44. Valerie G. says:

    Thanks for your work to enhance this tool. It has evolved within our company to having several users. The biggest drawbacks we’ve found are: (1) in “analyze,” when we use a matrix to evaluate sessions at our events (5 questions to get audience feedback), it would be helpful to have an option to convert results to a 5-point Likert scale (strongly agree=5, agree=4, neutral=3, etc.) We have been doing this manually, which is very cumbersome for large conferences with many sessions; (2) when printing the PDF version of the results, sometimes the page headings do not show — making it difficult to share results. I like the comment above from someone who asked for results in MS Word — that would be helpful for some of our uses.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Valerie – That’s great feedback! Thanks so much for sharing. We’ve passed it along to the product Monkeys. We appreciate you taking an active role in helping us to create the best survey experience possible. Thanks!

  45. arvind says:

    your effort is appreciated. Please try to increase the user base.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Arvind – Thanks for your comment. We’re always working to increase the user base! Let us know your feedback, and we’ll continue taking it to heart. Thanks!

  46. Daniela says:

    Dear SurveyMonkey
    It’s good to see the passion for improvement. the above sounds all good.
    I wonder whether you are also working at making the survey available for offline data collection.
    Also, standard error would be another feature on our SurveyMonkey wishlist.
    thank you

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Daniela – Great suggestions! We’re pretty into the online aspect of data collection (we’re pretty technical Monkeys!), but standard error is an exciting possibility. We’ve passed it along to our product Monkeys, and we’ll keep you posted. Thanks.

  47. Lorraine says:

    Thanks for reaching out to the user community on this one. I see from some of the earlier comments that you are also looking at the Analyze function which is great news. I work with surveys to email groups and aside from the difficulties with Analyze that are already raised, a big problem is having to analyze off-line due to the inflexibilities within the custom data in the collector. If there were ways of providing more structure to the custom data to allow that feed into the analyze function, that would be really great. Is the collector function being overhauled also?

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Lorraine – Right now we’re focusing on Create and Analyze. But the step between those two in the survey process is Collect, so it may be on the horizon in the future. We’ll post updates about that and all the other projects in the works here, so check back in for the latest. Thanks!

  48. Bonnie says:

    New survey looks good. May I suggest a change. When adding the Contact Information, could you provide a unselect all button under edit. This way if I only want to ask for their name, I don’t have to unselect each individual check box. Instead, I could check unselect all and then check name only?

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Bonnie – What a great suggestion. We’ve passed it along to our product team. Thanks for your input! Have a great day.

  49. John says:

    When adding, I couldn’t get the drop down menu to scroll down to the bottom of the list – kept wanting to go back to the top of the list.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Uh oh! We’re sorry about that. It’s working on our end. Are you still having trouble? If so, try clearing your cache and cookies and trying it again. Thanks!

  50. Kay says:

    This is my first time go to see at here and i am genuinely impressed to read everthing
    at one place.

    1. Sheila G says:

      Thanks Kay! We’re so happy to hear it.

  51. DJ Crane says:

    This may be late in coming, but I just created a survey that suggested an opportunity for improvement in your update. Basically, for a Multiple Rows / Columns survey it would be nice to have the option of adding a COMMENT for each row, rather than just at the end of the question. Maybe this could be done with the new Question Type Consolidation feature?
    1 2 3 4 5
    Option 1 x Comment A
    Option 2 x Comment B
    Option 3 x Comment C
    Option 4 x [No Comment]

    Looking forward to the Create upgrades you are already working on … they seem quite appealing.

    1. Kayte K says:

      Thank you for the feedback, DJ! We’re looking forward to the Create Update as well. Thanks for reading!

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