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How Surveys Help Make Design & Business Decisions at Modify Watches

How Surveys Help Make Design & Business Decisions at Modify Watches

ModifyWatchesAs you know, we monkeys really dig data. Not just any data either–we’re talking about high quality, useful and actionable data. The motivating, inspiring kind of feedback that leads to better and more informed decisions.

Getting to feature businesses who have a flair for innovation and truly value the input they receive from their customer base are special treats for us. One such business is the San Francisco-based startup, Modify Watches. Their specialty? Custom, interchangeable, mix ‘n match watches that are unique, fun to wear, even more fun to design and perhaps best of all–don’t come with a hefty price tag.

The team at Modify Watches relies on building relationships with their customers and getting their input on a regular basis in order to continue refining and improving their line of watches. Not only have they recently launched their first Kickstarter campaign but their Chief Marketing Officer, Ayo Oluwole, took some time out of his super busy day to talk about how surveys have helped the company make some pretty important design decisions.

Welcome, Ayo!

It all started when…

Modify Industries, Inc. opened up shop not too long ago back in 2010. We’re a designer, manufacturer and retailer of custom, modular products. The Modify Watches were our first product and they’re interchangeable. This means our customers have the ability to mix-and-match wristbands, colors, watch faces and styles to create the perfect look for their timepiece.

So why SurveyMonkey?

As a business that thrives on input from our customers, it is important to leverage an easy to use and customizable tool like Survey Monkey to generate insights and feedback from our audience.

We have a crowd-sourced design model where we build relationships with our customers who vote in order to decide what watch designs and colors we produce, what new products we introduce and how to improve the overall Modify Experience! Survey Monkey was perfect for better understanding who were the best consumer segments to target and how we acquired them, how well our current engagement tactics were performing, and how and where our audience prefers to engage with Modify.

How’d you do it?

In order to get customer feedback, Modify continues to implement a three-prong approach to our surveys via Survey Monkey. Ready for the three? Boom.

    1. Implement a quarterly incentive-based “general” survey to our entire audience (customers as well as engaged non-customers) which is easy to share across all channels in order to better understand:
      • Demographics and consumer behavior
      • Awareness and efficacy of channel-by-channel tactics
      • What our audience loves most about us
    2. Create an ongoing post-purchase exit survey targeted specifically to customers immediately after buying from our website to collect data on:
      • Buying experience
      • Functionality of website
      • Purchasing flow and behavior
    3. Email an incentive-based order follow up survey 30 days after a first-time purchase in order to:
      • Understand post-purchase customer behavior (e.g., are they Modify-ing? i.e., interchanging the modular watch faces and straps)
      • Capture net promoter score (NPS) and promote our referral program
      • Follow up on product defects, customer service issues, etc.

Were your survey results helpful? Anything surprising?

Show Your ColorsAbsolutely. Thanks to SurveyMonkey, we received thousands of responses and generated valuable insights about Modify’s audience. There were some surprises within those insights as well. For example, we learned that our best customers were much older than originally assumed.

We were able to figure out which channels were most effective for acquisition–over 40% discover us by word-of-mouth. Learning what it is we do best and where we need to improve or spend less time and money directly from our customers is more than helpful–it’s practically a necessity for us.

Did your data help you make a better decision? If so, how?

The most critical key findings gained from our SurveyMonkey helped us narrow our focus to four very specific target audiences instead of continuing to stay broad, and even generated insights about product innovation (i.e., upcoming plan to fully custom watches for individuals and small groups) and which new licenses we should pursue (e.g., we are now making Major League Baseball watches for every team – a request from many survey respondents).

What’s next?

We’re planning to introduce a new product offering call “Mod-to-Order” (a play on made-to-order products) where we bridge the gap between our consumer and corporate customization businesses by bringing production, assembly and fulfillment state-side and eliminate current minimums that prohibit individuals and small groups or organizations to create custom watches.

Without collecting the direct input from our customers with surveys, it’s unlikely we would have easily seen this gap within our business strategy. We’re optimistic that the shift will significantly impact Modify and trigger long-term growth for us. The value from our survey data far exceeded any expectation. We chose SurveyMonkey for its ease of use, its flexibility and versatility. All of us here at Modify Industries, Inc. are looking forward to where our future in surveys brings us to next.

Check out our quick video interview below with Ayo and Aaron Schwartz, CEO of Modify Watches.

To learn more about Modify Watches, be sure to visit them and don’t forget to check out their Kickstarter campaign.

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