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Launching Our Mobile App & More in Japan

Launching Our Mobile App & More in Japan

Damon CronkeyMonkeys going international–again!

The Business Development team along with our VP of Survey Research, Jon Cohen, traveled to beautiful Japan recently to announce the release of our Japanese iOS SurveyMonkey mobile app for iPhone® and iPad®.

Survey data on-the-go

Our customers in Japan now have access to this powerful app designed for creating surveys and analyzing results on-the-go and in real-time. Whether they’re a CEO or a parent in charge of school fundraising, the mobile app gives all kinds of data-loving folks the information they need to make even better decisions. In addition to the app, coming up later this year to the iOS and Android markets, is our release of the Mobile Feedback Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK allows for the collection of qualitative feedback by users that allows developers to make improvements to the user experience. The kit is in beta testing so developers can sign up now to enroll and stay up to date on the latest launch news.

Announcing new partners iMobile, Tadacopy and S Colle

SurveyMonkey is partnering with two leading Japanese companies–iMobile and Tadacopy as well as the influential student organization, S Colle (Student Innovation Group). Teaming up with the Tokyo-based information services company, iMobile, gives us the ability to help small businesses in the service industry listen closely to their customers by designing questionnaires for their homepage. Small businesses can also create surveys for their newsletters and receive real-time analytics, all through SurveyMonkey.

We’re also excited to be collaborating with the college-based advertising service, Tadacopy, one of Japan’s largest apps for university students. As any college student knows, paying for photocopies of lesson plans and course-books can start to get pretty pricey pretty darn fast. The Tadacopy app lets students make photocopies at no charge by having ads printed on the back of the copy paper. Every month about 1,500,000 copies are made using Tadacopy at participating universities and over 200,000 students in Japan to date have downloaded the app to their smartphone. Our partnership with Tadacopy gives the advertising app an official survey tool for their use. Their users will be able to survey their huge student customer base on everything from senior thesis topics to student group events and anything related to university life.

In addition to these great partnerships, the Japanese student group, S Colle (Student Innovation Group), will be working to spread the word about SurveyMonkey to students who are competing in a new product development course offered across 33 universities in Japan. We’ll have more exciting developments to share about S Colle, so stay tuned.

Sharing the power of surveys on a global scale

The announcement of these partnerships in Japan as well as the launch of our mobile app and the Mobile Feedback SDK means that we can offer a universal standard for survey experiences. Getting the opportunity to educate the public on a global scale on the use of SurveyMonkey is truly exciting. We’re looking forward to building even more business partnerships within the Japanese market in order to maximize the potential of surveys as a powerful tool for listening to customers.

Be sure to leave your comments or questions in the Comments section below and don’t forget to visit our Japanese blog for even more news and updates.

Damon Cronkey is the VP of Global Business & Corporate Development for SurveyMonkey.

If you’re ready to get started with our mobile app, download for free from the iTunes store today. And if you’re a developer interested in learning more about our Mobile Feedback SDK, please visit our resource page here.

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