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Media Company Uses SurveyMonkey Audience to Study the Role of Expert Content in Tech Buying

Media Company Uses SurveyMonkey Audience to Study the Role of Expert Content in Tech Buying

Staying on top of the latest technologies can pose a challenge for even the most tech savvy shopper. Everyday we see first hand how electronics, computers, and mobile phones are being surpassed by newer, better, faster models. To make informed purchases they can feel good about, consumers often turn to trusted, expert sources.

NetShelter Technology Media has a network of thousands of tech bloggers, who are credible experts with deep knowledge in their subject areas.  These authors produce articles, reviews, blog posts, and videos covering the latest in technology.  NetShelter has created an innovative, expert “word of mouth” ad platform called “inPowered™” which identifies and amplifies influential tech stories as measured by the most popular social media signals.

NetShelter was interested in learning how a representative sample of US consumers use expert content to help them make technology purchase decisions.  It was this desire to better understand consumers that brought NetShelter to SurveyMonkey.

NetShelter’s Senior Director of Research, Kim Black, teamed up with SurveyMonkey Audience to gain insight into the opinions, preferences, and habits of these consumers.  Using a market research survey that was sent to SurveyMonkey Audience members who reported recent tech purchases, NetShelter was able to uncover detailed information about how consumers are making their technology buying decisions today.

With very quick turnaround, NetShelter had results for 329 recent tech buyers age 18-64.  Some significant results included:

  • 80% of respondents were very likely to share tech-related content via Twitter. 75% were very likely to share on LinkedIn.
  • Only 45% were likely to share via Facebook.
  • Respondents were most likely to seek out a technology brand on a social networking sites to get coupons or promotions and to research products of interest (36.98% and 31.83% respectively).

The results confirmed that this online focus group used expert content in a variety of ways to help them make brand/product decisions:














Armed with the insights from this survey, NetShelter can make a credible case to technology advertisers about the important role expert content plays in today’s technology purchase decisions.  “Thanks to SurveyMonkey’s Audience, which we were able to balance and screen to give us insight into recent tech consumers, we were able to establish benchmarks beyond our primary tech audiences to showcase the role that expert content plays in informing and helping US consumers at large when making tech buying decisions.”

Interested in putting SurveyMonkey Audience’s consumer panel to work for you?  Visit SurveyMonkey Audience or ask us how in the comments section below.

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