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What Are Managers Like in Brazil?

What Are Managers Like in Brazil?

We all consider ourselves a family–one big international monkey family that is. Did you know that in addition to this very blog that you’re reading here, we have blogs run by our monkeys in Japan, Korea and Brazil? Yep, we love the fact that we get to help people across the world collect useful insights with data.

Not very long ago, our VP of Human Resources, Rebecca Cantieri, made a trip over to Brazil to talk about her experiences as a human resources professional and share insights from Silicon Valley. She visited Insper, an educational and research institute, and her presentation inspired our fellow Brazilians to think about how data can help inform people’s perceptions and opinions of others in the workplace.

But enough from us. Without further ado, let us introduce you to Mateus, our Brazilian blog monkey, who will share with you what they learned!

During our talks with SurveyMonkey’s Becky Cantieri, held during her visit to Brazil, she explained how American employees do not usually resign because of their companies, but are leaving because of their managers or supervisors. According to their research, the reason behind this dissatisfaction is something that you yourself may have felt: More than 30% of employees admitted that they would quit in the next six months.

This data was surprising and it made us wonder…What do Brazilian employees think about their managers? For this was precisely the theme of a recent survey by Vagas, a company dedicated to developing technologies for recruitment and selection. They used SurveyMonkey and consulted more than 10,000 people to better understand how employees view their managers.

This study found that 60% of respondents said that their bosses’ personalities and management styles have a high impact on their job satisfaction. Here are some of the personality types proposed by the research leaders: The Bully, The Bipolar, The Buddy, The Nitpicker, The Neurotic, The Hippie, The Faker, The Visionary.

What is your boss's personality profile?

What is your boss’s personality profile?

The Bipolar managers were the most predominant personality types with 30% of respondents describing their supervisors in this way. This type of leader was described as “unable to recognize their own errors” and more than half of people said their managers are “unable to give honest feedback”.

When asked about how the office’s environment felt while the boss is in the room? More than half of the participants said the office felt like a very tense place with workers feeling anxious around their supervisor. The Brazilian saying for this is ‘o tempo fecha’. In other words, not a very fun place to work!

The three positive profiles (The Buddy, The Hippie and The Visionary) amounted to only 31%. They are more related to positions of lower and middle management.

Consistent monitoring of employees and their managers’ levels of happiness is one of the best ways to ensure a stimulating work environment that’s productive for all.

Please also visit the Vagas site for more details about the research in Portraits of Leaders in Brazil.

Thoughts or questions for Mateus? Just let him know in the Comments below. Cheers and Obrigado!

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