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How Building Customer Profiles Translates to Business Success

How Building Customer Profiles Translates to Business Success

Building teamworkIn any business, from enterprise software to soft-serve ice cream, defining who your customers are and what they want is bound to pay off.

Just ask Camilo Atkinson, inbound marketer at DayTranslations. His firm provides in-person translations and interpreting, but also does movie subtitles, voiceovers, legal and medical documents, and more.

While DayTranslations’ scope is broad, not everyone wants to purchase translation services. It’s his job to make sure the right kind of traffic gets to his site—the kind of traffic that can turn into leads and ideally, loyal customers.

He told us about how he used SurveyMonkey to define and understand one of the company’s most profitable buyer profiles.

Here’s Camilo, in his own words!

Creating customer profiles is often the first—and usually the most important—inbound marketing action you can make.

We create fictional representations of our ideal buyers because we need to know “who” we are trying to attract so we can share solutions for their specific wants and needs. The best way to get an idea of who they are is to interview existing customers and your Sales or Customer Support team.

Do your research

When we started researching our customer profiles about five months ago, the first thing we did was create a short email survey for our project managers. We asked them to describe the different types of customers DayTranslations already had and some of the most common services they request from us. We also wanted to know who our most profitable customer type was.

We ended up discovering that we had more than just one “ideal buyer” and decided to focus on two types of targets only: translators and paralegals working at Law Firms. This vastly improved our process by saving us time and increasing overall efficiency.

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Choose your audience carefully

We chose translators because they allow us to learn and gain authority within the translation industry and paralegals because they’re our most profitable clients. We started researching their pain points, goals and challenges, but also some of their demographic information such as gender, age and education level.

As we were already working extensively with translators, it wasn’t difficult at all to make a profile for them. We only needed to collect information from the paralegal group. The question was: How do we interview paralegals, who are often so busy that they struggle to squeeze in family and personal time? They don’t have time for a call.

So, we decided to make things easy for them. We created a short survey that asked for concise answers, which allowed us to get to know them and their profession better. Although our survey was short and straight to the point, it ended up being super effective.

Ask the right questions

We asked key questions that helped us identify the type of content we should create in order to engage with them and provide real value to their community. As a result, in just the past month we’ve increased our blog’s traffic and grown our social media engagement and sharing by more than 50%. Our reputation and awareness increased, and we saw an increment on legal translation projects, which is our department’s main goal within the company.

A short, simple survey can really impact your business’s bottom line. Now we need to repeat the process with each type of ideal buyer we want to attract, convert, close, and delight. Each time, we have to do it better and SurveyMonkey continues to be a diverse, resourceful tool in this process.


DayTranslations is a professional language translation company that provides human language translation surveys. Want to learn more about them? Visit their page.


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