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Mad Mimi’s Dean Levitt Explains: 5 Ways To Keep The E-Love Alive

Mad Mimi’s Dean Levitt Explains: 5 Ways To Keep The E-Love Alive

Relationships are hard and require a lot of effort. According to every TV marriage counselor ever, the main problem between two people is that one of ’em just doesn’t listen to the other. The danger is that this creates an empathy gap that can become a chasm, slowly filling up with broken hearts and cluttered in-boxes (ok, we’re talking about email now, not marriage).

When dealing with customers or your newsletter subscribers, it can be so easy to talk and so hard to listen. It’s tempting to say “buy now!” and tough to say “I love you.” Well, there are a few tools you can use to help you listen more, so when you speak to your customers, they’ll return the favor.

1. Email from your email address to encourage replies
Did you ever love someone for the aloofness of their answering machine? Me neither. The impersonal email address is a robotic voice telling you that maybe someone will eventually, possibly, sorta read your response. Emailing from your personal email address tells your readers that you’ll read what they have to say, because you care!

2. Use Mad Mimi’s lovely new SurveyMonkey integration
A well aimed SurveyMonkey survey can cause more infatuation than a dozen cupids slinging arrows at your readers. At the risk of mixing metaphors, a survey is a vehicle on which you and your readers can cuddle while you talk about your hopes and dreams. It’s the carriage of connection, the automobile of engagement. Surveys tell your readers that you’ve invested effort into making it easy for them to tell you what’s on their mind. By inserting a SurveyMonkey survey into your Mad Mimi email, well, you make it easy on yourself too.

Mad Mimi Survey Monkey integration

Click here to see it in action!

3. Send regularly to connect regularly
Love is a garden that requires frequent tending. While playing hard to get might be cute at first, if you’re distant, it feels like neglect. Think of your emails like a date night that keeps your love alive. It’s the perfect opportunity to surprise your readers with something new and remind them why they love you and you love them. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet. Send often!

4. Encourage discussion on social networks, and be accessible
Every girl or guy like to boast about their love. Social networks are the ideal place for your readers to boast about you. Make sure you encourage that in your emails by including links to your networks and share tools for your readers. There’s a special kind of heaven in seeing your readers talk about you, and after you’ve done so much to make your readers feel loved, it’ll allow them to reciprocate.

5. Just say it!
I love you! Those three words change lives every day. Say it to your friends, family, girlfriend or wife, boyfriend or husband and, your customers, readers and fans.

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5 thoughts on “Mad Mimi’s Dean Levitt Explains: 5 Ways To Keep The E-Love Alive

  1. Alen Georgiev says:


  2. Lyndi says:

    So happy to hear you integrate with SurveyMonkey now. The Beez and our customers really LOVE MadMimi. :D

    1. Hanna J says:

      Great, we’re so glad you like our integration! Have a great week. :)

  3. johhng says:

    My thought after reading this positive info for the first time,is tooo most brothers(all men),we should be prepared to step up their,games for approaching women that look for a great-MANN..!!!!

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