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How to Lift Your CRM with Surveys

How to Lift Your CRM with Surveys

LiftopiaIn the spirit of winter (Let it snow!) we’re thrilled to welcome guest blogger Otto Imken, VP of Customer Support at Liftopia. Based in San Francisco, Liftopia operates an online marketplace that helps skiers and riders save on advance-purchase sales of lift tickets, equipment rentals, lessons, and more.

Welcome, Otto!

At Liftopia, we use customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage everything from sales prospects to existing relationships with partners. We also use surveys to gather feedback to better understand our partners and customers. Knowing more about people in your database can pay big dividends, which is why I’d like to talk about how Liftopia was able to close the loop to tie the feedback we received to specific partners.

Making a big idea work

We work closely with ski areas to help maximize their sales with our data-driven pricing models, business intelligence, and customer analytics. In turn, this provides skiers and snowboarders with an opportunity to save a lot of money on items like lift tickets when they purchase in advance.

It’s a win-win proposition for resorts and the people who love them, but it also means that there are two constituents we need to serve in order to succeed: snow-seeking customers and resort partners.

Liftopia’s been using SurveyMonkey for market research and customer feedback since our founding in 2005. We even sent a survey to test the initial concept with a group of 1,200 skiers and snowboarders, and got plenty of useful feedback. For example, customers indicated they’d be comfortable paying variable prices in exchange for their commitment to skiing in advance. This validation was exactly what we needed to move forward with our business model.

Moving downhill—even faster

With hundreds of partners and millions of customers, Liftopia’s approach to giving customers and partners a voice is key to our growth. But as we continue to expand, there are challenges in making sure we maintain the win-win relationship that helped us thrive in the first place.

Our product and marketing teams regularly use SurveyMonkey to gather customer feedback on existing and future products and services, while our B2B team sends surveys to ski resort partners on a variety of topics like marketing strategy, their goals, and challenges. The feedback we receive helps us continually improve many of our features and processes, and direct feedback from surveys helps us improve how we service our business and grow our partners’ revenue.

We plan to begin running a short Net Promoter® Score survey several times a year to our resort partners and a more in-depth survey in the spring, near the close of the ski season. As we test and see results, we hope to generate a continuous flow of new information that allows for a faster understanding of future opportunities for growth.

Are you using surveys in your CRM?

Whatever your business is, surveys can help you get an integrated look at customers and prospects. You can learn more about your contacts, quickly identify and respond to issues, and set strategies based on the qualitative feedback you receive. Bottom line, surveys make your CRM even more powerful.

Learn more about how SurveyMonkey can help your business. And let us know if you’d like to be featured next on the blog with your survey success story.

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