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LemmeGo: Building An Application With A Little Help From SurveyMonkey Audience

LemmeGo: Building An Application With A Little Help From SurveyMonkey Audience

82.3% of people have a trouble finding activity partners at least some of the time.

Creating a new mobile application can be a risky venture—there are lots of applications out there today, and only a few of them are successful. Even fewer actually make any money. At the same time, if you can create an application that people need and want, it has the potential to be an exciting and profitable business opportunity.

Mohammad Subeh had a great idea for a new application that would connect people looking to participate in activities with other like-minded adventurers. His application, LemmeGo, is a web and mobile application that helps locate people interested in gathering for leisure activities; enables users to send messages to friends to coordinate outings; and keeps users up-to-date with their friends’ plans, all in real time. Like any entrepreneur, before investing in this product, he needed more information about the market, the demand, and the application itself. For this, he turned to SurveyMonkey Audience.

Survey Results

Mohammad surveyed over 300 smartphone owners, ages 18-44, and found that the overall market potential is significant: 63% of respondents surveyed noted that they participate in leisure activities at least once a week. His survey’s results also revealed the following:

  • People have trouble finding a friend to participate in outdoor and physical activities (e.g., hiking, fishing, and running) with them–a fact almost half of the respondents reported.
  • 70% of the respondents said they are slightly likely to not at all likely to go somewhere with someone they don’t know, which led Mohammad to decide that the app should be more focused on connecting people with their friends instead of strangers.
  • People rated being able to make outings private versus public as the most important feature in an application like LemmeGo.
  • Less important to the respondents: features such as providing a Facebook/Twitter login, rating the people you go out with, and using geo-location tools to identify the person planning the outing.

82.3% of people have a trouble finding activity partners at least some of the time.

Mohammad was also interested in hearing what people had to say about his application’s logo.

A lot of respondents were intrigued by the logo, but many had a hard time making the connection between the animal in the logo and the service that was being provided. This told Mohammed that he needed to do further work on developing a logo that was more relevant to the core offering of LemmeGo.

Next steps

Now that Mohammad has insight into the market demand and needs for his application, as well as feedback relating to his product itself, he’s in a good position to start building and marketing his app. The feedback he received from SurveyMonkey Audience left him in a good position to start doing this, but it was only the first step. First he’ll have to build his application. Then he can return to Audience to learn how he is connecting with his customers, and ways he can improve his business.

Do you need feedback about your new application or product idea? The opinions of SurveyMonkey Audience members are just a few clicks away!

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2 thoughts on “LemmeGo: Building An Application With A Little Help From SurveyMonkey Audience

  1. malonegerald says:

    It is interesting the idea of bussines… so pitty .. :( I do not have money to start :(

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Gerald – We hear that! Funding is always the hardest part of starting any great business venture. But thanks for your comment. We appreciate you!

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