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Jooners & SurveyMonkey Advance the Paperless Revolution with Sign-up Sheets and Feedback

Jooners & SurveyMonkey Advance the Paperless Revolution with Sign-up Sheets and Feedback

Here at SurveyMonkey, we’re on a one-way mission to rid the world of pencil and paper. Well, at least when it comes to surveys. Online surveys–unlike their paper counterparts–make it faster to add questions, easier to collect responses and saves you the trouble of tallying up your data by analyzing it for you all within one online application. Plus, think of all the trees you’ll be saving!

So, when we heard about Jooners–the online sign up sheet application for organizing group activities–we knew we had to team up.

Jooners helps you organize groups of people and plan your activities and events. Just as we’ve taken surveys to the next level, Jooners is bringing the power of the web to the humble paper sign up sheet. With Jooners’ online sign up sheets you can list jobs, items and time slots for activities. Participants see what’s available and what’s taken and with just a simple click, can sign up for the slots that they want.

Once signed up, participants are automatically reminded of their commitment. Jooners even creates personalized Thank You Notes on behalf of the event organizer. Now you know that Jane’s bringing the cupcakes to your office party, it’s Ted’s turn for pick-up duty from soccer practice, and you’ve got twenty volunteers who’ve registered for your next beach cleanup.

Jooners’ online sign up sheets help you and your participants get on the same proverbial page without clogging up your inbox with pesky Reply-All emails. While your neatly-organized activity is about to go off without a hitch, you can also get feedback from your attendees–and that’s where we come in. Instead of having to log in and log out of two different accounts (yawn!) we combined our two applications in order to save you a few steps.

Ready to get started? You can create a sign up sheet from scratch or you can choose from Jooners’ gallery of templates. Then just follow these three quick ‘n easy step-by-steps on connecting your Jooners and SurveyMonkey accounts and you’ll be on your way faster than you can say, Sign up!

Step 1: Log into your Jooners account and select the specific sign up sheet in which you’d like to include a SurveyMonkey survey. Next to that sign up sheet, select the “More” drop down menu and click Add Survey:

Step 2: Connect your Jooners and SurveyMonkey accounts:

Step 3: Select your previously created SurveyMonkey survey from a drop down menu, which your participants will see upon registering on your sign up sheet:

And if you’d like to see the step-by-steps in action, just check out this handy-dandy video created by our friends at Jooners:

That’s all there is to it! We’re really excited about this nifty sign up solution and hope you will be too. We know Mother Nature’s pretty pumped.

Big thanks to Nazila Alasti and the Jooners team for getting this integration completed in record time.

If you’d like to integrate your application with SurveyMonkey, please visit our developer portal and don’t forget to leave us your questions in our Comments section!

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