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Jamming on the Job: Are People Tuning In at Work?

Jamming on the Job: Are People Tuning In at Work?

Listening to Music at WorkIt’s Monday—hurray! You’re at your desk with a cup of coffee, ready to tackle today’s tasks, right? Whether you work in a cubicle or are out in the open, how do you choose to shut out the sometimes distracting noise of the office?

Well, music is a pretty popular choice for many office workers. We monkeys are as big a fan of music as anyone so we set out to learn about people’s favorite music choices while in the workplace. Are folks still tuning into Pandora or opting for another streaming music service? What are some of their favorite kinds of music to jam out to on the job and why do they choose tunes in the first place?

Using SurveyMonkey Audience—a dynamite online tool for targeting a specific audience—we asked over 250 full-time employees between the ages of 25-65 about their music listening habits at work. Have your headphones handy?Here’s what we learned about listening to music in the workplace.

How often do you listen to music at work?People who said they listen to music at work are serious music listeners—nearly 70 % reported listening to music at work every day or a few times per week. But why? Based on our Text Analysis feature, not only did most people find music relaxing, listening also helped them focus on their work.

Why do you listen to music at work?So how are people rockin’ out during their 9-5? Surprisingly, half said they’re not at all likely to listen to music with headphones. Yikes, we can only imagine what those office spaces must sound like. But of course, we don’t need our imaginations when we have cold, hard data to analyze, right?

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Rock ‘n roll is truly here to stay, survey fans. 52% of respondents choose to rock it at work. Just for the heck of it, we cross-tabbed music tastes by gender and learned that gentlemen prefer rock while the ladies tend to go the pop route.

And there you have it, friends. Overall, our data tells us that most employees prefer to listen to tunes while they work in order to cancel out background noise as well as to relax and focus. Monday’s almost over and we hope that it’s been jammin’ for you so far—now throw on those headphones and get back to work.

Ready to get started with your own SurveyMonkey Audience project? Visit their resource page and let us know if you have any questions below.

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