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Is Apple Still Cool?

Is Apple Still Cool?

Is Apple Still Cool?

With last month’s release of new iPhones and most recently, the announcement of upgrades to the iPad, we wanted to find out how likely consumers would be to purchase Apple’s latest gadget. And also–Is Apple still cool?

Ever since the loss of Apple’s co-founder, chairman, and CEO, Steve Jobs, technology enthusiasts, industry insiders, consumers and the media alike have wondered how his absence would affect the company’s direction. Can consumers expect the same standards of product innovation or is Apple slowly losing its luster without Jobs’s guidance?

Our CEO, Dave Goldberg, stopped by Bloomberg TV to discuss the survey results we received using SurveyMonkey Audience–a dynamic tool for collecting insights from a target demographic. We asked over 600 Americans to get their thoughts.

Dave’s full segment with Emily Chang is here and read on below for a snapshot of what we learned.

Consumers are not very excited about the new iPads.

  • Well over half (69%) say they’re “not at all likely” to purchase an iPad mini on launch day.
  • Nearly three quarters of folks say the same regarding the new iPad Air.

Why? The new iPads don’t appear to be all that different from earlier versions.

  • New features are key for Apple consumers.
  • Respondents were nearly evenly divided for both the Air and the Mini with 16% saying there just weren’t enough new features.
  • 13% agreed that there weren’t enough new bells and whistles either for the Air.

Current iPad owners are not rushing to buy the new upgrades either.

  • A mere 5.6% say they’re “extremely likely” to go mini.
  • Less than 10% are opting for the Air.

Tablet owners who do NOT own an iPad are saving their dollars too.

  • If Apple was hoping to convince consumers who own competitors’ tablets to make the switch, they’ve got a little more work to do.
  • 84% are sticking with what they’ve got and avoiding the mini’s temptations.
  • A whopping 90% remain unimpressed with the Air.
  • And for those who do not own tablets, period? Three quarters of respondents say they will not purchase a mini or the Air.

So, is Apple still cool? Survey says…

  • Age makes a difference! Almost half (43%) of 18-29 year olds say NO.
  • Just under a quarter of 45-60 year-olds agree with their younger counterparts. Apple needs to work on their cool.

Has the loss of Steve Jobs hurt Apple from a perception perspective?

  • People tend to err on the neutral to negative.
  • 54% feel that the loss of Jobs has neither a positive or negative impact on Apple.
  • Less than 10% feel strongly that Jobs’s absence is a bad thing for Apple’s future performance.

What are your thoughts? Think Apple has smooth sailing ahead or choppy waters? Let us know below!

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