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iPhone 5 Release Feedback, Most Customers Will Buy in Next 6 Months

iPhone 5 Release Feedback, Most Customers Will Buy in Next 6 Months

Yesterday our chief monkey Dave Goldberg went to Bloomberg West for his monthly SurveyMonkey Shakedown segment and chatted with Willow Bay about the new iPhone 5. This month’s survey focused on what people think about Apple’s newest gadget, when they’re planning to buy it, what features they’re most interested in, and whether they think Tim Cook or Steve Jobs had a bigger hand in its creation. Using SurveyMonkey Audience, we surveyed more than 600 smartphone users to get their opinions on the matter. Check out the segment and survey findings below:


Almost a quarter of the respondents plan to buy the iPhone 5 (22.4%)

  • Of those who plan to buy the iPhone 5, 76% already own a different model of the iPhone
  • 52% of those planning to buy the iPhone 5 think it’s moderately different than the previous 4S model
    • However, only 40% of the all respondents think it will be moderately different
    • More males plan to buy, but just barely (51% male and 49% female)
    • Those who already own an iPhone are more likely to purchase the newest version
      • 11% of those who DO NOT own an iPhone plan to buy the iPhone 5
      • 35% of those who DO own an iPhone plan to buy the iPhone 5

However, many won’t be standing in line to get their phone bright and early

  • Most people will purchase their new iPhone 5 in the next six months (38%) and another 18% will purchase it within the next year
  • Of those looking to get their hands on it sooner, 12% got smart and pre-ordered it, while only 5.3% plan to get the phone the day it hits stores

Of those new features that people want to check out, some options will be really useful for new iPhone owners, while others are just fun to have

  • A faster processor and LTE technology is the most useful upgrade this version has over its predecessor (32.5%) with the larger screen coming in second (25.3%)
  • Other options that were deemed interesting to consumers was the improved camera the iPhone 5 sports, as well as the Siri upgrade

Despite the fact that Steve Jobs passed away almost a year ago, 51% of all respondents believe he had a bigger role in developing the iPhone 5

  • Apple enthusiasts think differently though, of those planning to purchase the iPhone 5, 54% believe Tim Cook had a larger role in the phone’s development

Apple is at an innovation plateau?

  • 60% of consumers believe that Apple is neither more or less innovative than it used to be
  • Of those 19% who believe the company is less innovative, 2/3 of them believe the company is just upgrading the same products it already has
  • Interestingly, of the 21% who believe the company is more innovative, three quarters of them believe that the company has regularly introduced new products

To see the full set of survey results, click here.

Have you purchased the new iPhone5? Are you planning on it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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