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Introducing WorkTouch: “The Future Isn’t Something That Just Happens. It’s Something You Do.”

Introducing WorkTouch: “The Future Isn’t Something That Just Happens. It’s Something You Do.”

We here at SurveyMonkey are huge fans of innovation and information. The more information, the better. We also love that we get the chance to support new business owners in seeing their visions come to life. One of the best ways to do this? Ensuring that hardworking business owners are able to quickly and easily gather the data and information they need to make better decisions. This is why we do what we do.

When we heard that the hardworking team at the UK-based WorkTouch–a technology platform designed to make your work life easier–were using online surveys to help inform their product design, we of course wanted to learn more. Andy Swann, Director of WorkTouch, took some time out of his own busy work day to share his survey story with us.

Take it away, Andy!

WorkTouch set out with a mission and an attitude. We wanted to work to create opportunity for everyone. We felt passionately that in this day and age, being connected and productive at work, home or on the move should be for everyone, not just the professional or tech-savvy. So WorkTouch was born, creating products to make that happen.

Setting about creating a digital platform that redefines the space where productivity and play overlap was the simple bit. Giving power to job seekers, control to careerists, tools to employers and changing the status quo gave us something to aim for. But we had to shape each of those concepts into accessible, useable products that offer value as well as provide a great experience to our users. That’s where SurveyMonkey came in.

A couple of months in, the WorkTouch platform was in place and ready to handle front-end web and app products but we were still stuck in concept mode, swimming in big ideas and needing a starting point to hold onto. Using SurveyMonkey gave us the ability to communicate directly with our potential users, find out what they really needed from us and in turn, learn how to make ourselves useful for them. Launching our market research surveys and analyzing the responses that came in helped give us clear direction on where to go and from there we got even more specific with WorkTouch’s platform and future products.

Our very first WorkTouch product, FLARE, lets our users manage all of their career information in one place, creating well formatted, useful CV/ Resume documents in an instant. We’re excited to share that it’s currently in the early beta testing stage. Looking at the potential to develop FLARE as a simple, social way to grasp opportunity, we again opted for SurveyMonkey in order to engage recruiters and get insight into how they could benefit from using FLARE to engage job seekers. The results we received were stunning. Not only are we now at the stage of bringing in the first recruiter users to FLARE, but their insight gave us a whole new opportunity to focus on–establishing FLARE as a one-stop-shop to store career information, engage recruiters, employers and manage job applications.

There are exciting times ahead and we’ll be using SurveyMonkey to identify what our customers want, what they like and what we can do better as we go along. There are more WorkTouch products to come and remember, the future isn’t something that just happens. It’s something you do.

Sign up for a free test account here and let us know what we can do to make our product even better.

Join WorkTouch and FLARE on Facebook and follow them on Twitter here and here. Questions, comments? You know where to go!

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