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Interpreting Social CRM Signals to Develop a Solid Marketing Plan

Interpreting Social CRM Signals to Develop a Solid Marketing Plan

social CRM signalsYour business development depends on the relationships you build with your customers. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, offers deep insight into customer interests, needs, wants, and pain points—information you can use.

When CRM and social media meet, your business can use social media tools to efficiently curate relevant information in order to tailor services and products to meet customer needs.

By interpreting these social signals from your CRM, you can connect with customers on a more meaningful and memorable level through social media campaigns. Customers enjoy working with companies they trust, and trust begins with personal customer service.

What’s in your CRM?

When customers volunteer an email address, social CRM software can scour social media to connect all the dots for you. Social media profiles will automatically populate each customer record. Public profiles hold a wealth of customer demographic information such as age, education, and location, as well as useful tidbits about your customers’ habits.

Social media buying signals are everywhere

Consumers are amazingly forthcoming about their daily lives on social media. They talk about their jobs and their kids, new purchases like cute fuzzy socks or a new house, their food preferences, pets, vacations, and hobbies. If you’re listening to social media using social CRM software, everything customers share is news you can use, and a well-timed offer is often a sale.

Your customers may post about:

  • Trips – vacations, staycations, conferences, conventions, and business travel.
  • Life events – career changes, a new baby on the way, an impending marriage or divorce, or plans to retire.
  • Family status – married, single, engaged, or dating.
  • New interests – you’ll know if they take up biking, hiking, cake baking, or building Star Trek models.
  • Bad customer service experiences – customers lodge 879 million complaints about brands every year, and up to 289 million go unanswered. What a great opportunity to step in and be a hero!

So how common is social media listening currently? According to Social Media Examiner, more than 90% of all marketers are using social signals from tools like social CRM software to inform marketing strategy.

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Planning an integrated marketing strategy

How can your business effectively use all of this information? The real value in social media signals comes from pinpoint targeting, and setting clear goals and objectives is the first step to a solid marketing plan. Decide which market segments you are listening for and what keywords will identify potential buyers. Even more, consider expanding your CRM functionality to set alerts, build a list of customers through social media keywords, and send targeted emails.

Knowing your customers can help you build an organic audience of enthusiastic followers by executing social media campaigns with content designed to appeal to their interest, answer their questions, and join the conversation. Your audience will be more likely to respond to your posts and share content with targeted appeal.

After you’ve identified a targeted list, consider:

  1. Launching an email and/or social media campaign
  2. Triggering special offers based on life events (expecting a baby, graduating school, buying a house)
  3. Publishing content designed to interest and intrigue your readers
  4. Offering a white paper or e-guide to answer customer concerns
  5. Adapting lengthy content for different media: slide presentations, infographics, newsletters
  6. Scheduling tweets and posts in advance
  7. Posting a survey asking for customer preferences or brainstorming new business ideas
  8. Setting responses to positive or negative survey answers
  9. Starting a conversation on social media
  10. All of the above!

Using social CRM software to target your email marketing efforts also reduces spam complaints and unsubscribes. Since you’ll deliver the right message to interested recipients, you’ll increase email opens, click-throughs, and earn more shares on social media channels. A clean list produces clean results—you’ll be better able to measure your results!

Knowledge gleaned from social signals gives you the tools you need to understand your customers, produce meaningful content, and create the kind of active, two-way conversations that result in customer loyalty and efficient marketing. In the online market, your social media presence is your brand. Getting personal with your customers and understanding their social signals is the best way to stand out from your competitors.

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