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INinbox and SurveyMonkey: Email Marketing Made Easy

INinbox and SurveyMonkey: Email Marketing Made Easy

INinboxSwoosh. Ping. Chirp.

You know those sounds. No, you haven’t fallen down a ringtone rabbit hole. Those are the sounds an inbox makes every time a new email makes its way in.

When you’re a bustling business owner and active marketer, these aural indicators should be music to your ears. But when you have hundreds, thousands of swooshes, pings, chirps coming in every day, you need to make sure your inbox is optimized for maximum delivery.

Enhancing your email marketing campaigns, newsletters and projects are important must-haves as well. This is where INinbox comes in. INinbox is an email marketing service provider that enables businesses and organizations around the world to easily create, send and track emails. Our new partnership means you can now add the power of surveys to your emails. The data that you’ll get will give you the answers you need to better inform your next email campaign or newsletter launch and ultimately, help you make even better decisions.

What to expect from our integration

  • Easily share your SurveyMonkey surveys by email
  • Design multiple surveys that you can send out to multiple email lists
  • Segment your email lists based off of whether they want to receive a survey or not
  • Send folks email reminders to complete your surveys

Get the video how-to lowdown here.

We owe big thanks to the whole team at INinbox for a standout integration! As always, thanks for reading and leave us your comments or questions below.

Ready to integrate with us? Head over to our developer portal today.

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