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How to Export Individual Responses as a PDF

How to Export Individual Responses as a PDF

Pssst…We have some really exciting news! So exciting that you may even want to get up out of your chair to do a little happy dance. We definitely have our party hats on over here at SurveyMonkey because the feature we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived–say hello to the PDF Individual export!

Our guess (or hope!) is that you’re already a fan of the PDF summary report due to its organized appearance and easy-to-analyze data. But, you asked for even more, and we listened.

You can export your data with the same sense of ease you’d expect from the PDF summary but now you can see each respondent’s answers independent from one another. Spreadsheet agony be gone.

PDF Individual Report

This new feature is currently available through our Analyze Beta section. If you haven’t switched over yet, simply click on the banner at the top of the Analyze Results section. When you’re ready to export the Individual PDF report, just click on the Export All button located in the top right. You’ll see a page pop up with the PDF Individual export highlighted. Just click Export and you’re good to go. The file will start to download and will also be stored in the ‘Exports’ section for safe-keeping.

Example of a PDF Report

Now open that puppy up and “Ooo” ‘n “Ahh” at the magic that is the PDF Individual export. Check out those sleek lines, condensed reporting structure and get to happy dancing!

Questions for Katie? Leave ’em for her in the Comments section below!

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7 thoughts on “How to Export Individual Responses as a PDF

  1. Kim says:

    Hi Katie – We’ve followed the instructions in “Exporting Individual Responses to PDF”, but are stumped because there is no Export All button visible. We have a Pro plan, which I understand is no longer offered to new customers. Are we required to upgrade in order to get this feature? It would be so useful, if only we could access it. Your thoughts are appreciated! Thanks

    1. kaytek says:

      Hi Kim! Looks like Katie responded to your email to us earlier. Let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks.

      1. Kim says:

        Hi Kaytek – Hmmm…I never received the response from Katie you mention, and I don’t recall sending an email earlier, only inquiring through my comment above. Perhaps Katie responded to someone with a similar question. I look forward to hearing from someone though, as we’re still wondering how to export individual responses to PDF. Thanks!

        1. kaytek says:

          Got it, Kim. Thanks for the follow-up! I’ll reach out to Katie and the team and report back with an answer for you asap. Thanks for your patience. :)

        2. kaytek says:

          Hi again Kim,

          Sounds like you’re in Classic view of Analyze instead of Analyze Beta. To see the ‘Export All’ button, you’ll need to switch to the new Analyze. Here’s how:

          Let me know if that helps!

          1. Kim says:

            Thank you, Kayte! We got it now. I appreciate your help!!

          2. kaytek says:


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