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Improving the SurveyMonkey Audience Member Experience

Improving the SurveyMonkey Audience Member Experience

All of us here on the SurveyMonkey Audience team are constantly working hard in order to continue making your survey experience the best that it can be–whether you’re identifying the right target audience for your survey, or you’re one of our 3+ million survey respondents who have signed up to share your opinions. And because we think online surveys are the fastest, easiest, and best way to get feedback, it shouldn’t surprise you that we use our own tool to regularly communicate with our customers.

Recently, a key area of focus for us has been our incentives platform on SurveyMonkey ZoomPanel. Our members’ comments, suggestions and feedback are important communication tools that continue to guide us when working to improve any of our site’s services. Based off of previous feedback from members (via survey, of course), we learned that the incentives platform felt cluttered and contained products that were considered unappealing for potential survey respondents. Working with these suggestions, we then removed any duplicate items as well as those that were found to be unpopular. We then sent out a follow-up survey in order to again collect our members’ valuable feedback on these revisions and to also find out what additional future changes could be made in order to make it even more awesome to utilize.

What We Did:

  • Removed 700 unpopular or duplicate items from the incentive site going from 1,100 to 400 items.
  • Sent a follow-up survey to all members impacted by the change to gauge members’ perspectives and opinions.

Goals of the Survey:

  • Determine if the changes made were positive from a member’s perspective and if minimal negative impact existed.
  • Gain insight into what future changes will drive members to take more surveys.


Current Changes

The survey collected over 9,000 responses and 89% of the responses either liked or did not notice the changes.

We found that almost 49% of members liked the less cluttered page. Additionally, 40% of members did not notice any changes. With only 11% of members actively disliking the changes, we learned that any negative impact would be minimal.

Most of the negative responses came from members who wanted more appealing items, which led to our next question: What items will drive members to take more surveys?

Future Changes

We had our members tell us in their own words, what changes to the incentives platform would motivate them to take more surveys.  Using our text analysis feature, we were able to surface the most commonly occurring requests:

We also filtered our responses by age, and gender to see if any trends existed among different demographics, but all filters produced similar results.

Gift Cards, Surveys, and Points came back as the most popular items in demand from respondents. However, one common theme became apparent after viewing the individual responses. If cash was not available, members preferred a diverse selection of Gift Cards instead.

Given the success of this project, in the future, we’re planning on finding out our members’ thoughts on:

  • Widening the selection of Gift Cards offered.
  • Adjusting the values of Gift Cards.
  • Increasing the points earned per survey or providing a discount on items.

As always, we love getting feedback, suggestions and comments from our members and customers. It’s one of the best ways for us to continue making your experience the best that it can be!

If you’re interested in sharing your opinions for prizes, sign up today!

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