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New! Improve Survey Engagement with Key Email Performance Metrics

New! Improve Survey Engagement with Key Email Performance Metrics

emailcollectorInspired by the maxim, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” we’re proud to announce that Opened and Clicked Through rates are now available in our Email Invitation collector.

Measure the success of your Email Invitation and manage your approach so you get more survey responses, which helps you make more informed decisions. Here’s how it works:

Your Opened rate is the percentage of recipients who open your email. A high rate may indicate you have a compelling subject line or you delivered your email when your recipient is more likely to be at their computer.

The Clicked Through rate is the percentage of recipients who clicked the survey URL. It’s calculated as a percentage of total invitations.

A high Clicked Through rate may indicate that the content of your email is relevant to your recipient and that you’ve provided a compelling reason for them to act. In this case, to click Begin Survey.

View Clicked Through and Opened rates, along with other crucial performance metrics like bounced and opted out, by clicking the Overview tab in the Email Invitation collector:


Tips for getting people to open and click your email surveys

If your Opened rate is too low, consider sending reminders or using a different subject line in your next Email Invitation. Here’s an example of a reminder email you can send to people who didn’t take your survey:

Also, consider your Clicked Through rate. If it’s too low, check the message in your email to make sure it’s easy to understand, concise, and provides a compelling reason to take the survey.

After all, getting more people to take your survey is the real measurement of success here.

How to access Opened and Clicked Through rates

Certain plan types have access to Opened and Clicked Through measurements. Upgrade today to unlock the insights needed to make your Email Invitations more effective!

Have your own tips for getting people to open your survey emails? Let us know in the Comments below! See how all of our email tracking metrics work here.

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