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How to Run a Political Poll in 3 Easy Steps

How to Run a Political Poll in 3 Easy Steps

tips_eventsYou may have started seeing the ads, hearing the whispers, and receiving pamphlets in your mailbox. That’s because November is on our heels and elections are on our minds. During campaign season we start to think about important issues, and how it is we come to make decisions regarding what we care about.

Whether it’s running a school election, filling a city council position, or deciding what the office is going to order for lunch this week—SurveyMonkey provides a perfect way to help you get to the bottom of what matters to you! So let’s get down to it and show you how you can set up your very own election or political survey in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Create the ballot

When setting up a ballot question for your political poll, we recommend using a Multiple Choice question type with only one answer allowed—and maybe a comment or Other field for write-in candidates. When adding the question, just make sure to check the box that says, Add an “Other” Answer Option or Comment Field.


Step 2: Send the survey securely

Use our Email Collector to send out your survey. This ensures that people can only vote once so there’s no cheating or ballot stuffing. Before you launch your collector, change the Save Email Address in Results setting so your voters’ responses are anonymous and confidential.

Election_2If you want to make sure only people within your organization or community can vote, make sure to password protect your survey. Make sure to Enable Password Protection and include the password in your email to voters.


Password protecting your survey is especially helpful if you’re running pre-election surveys and you want to get an accurate prediction of which candidates will win (or which measures will pass) on election day.

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Step 3: Share the results

It seems like these days, all the major news networks have fancy holograms and to show you who’s in the lead. We have something even better. It’s called Instant Results and it updates in real time.

Or if you want to wait until the end of voting to reveal the results, you can create a Share results link and send it out then. Anybody can access the link as long as they have an internet connection. The Share link also updates in real time. Pretty nifty, huh?

Here’s what Instant Results looks like:
Election_4Here’s an example of the Share link. Feel free to click it:


With these handy tips at your side, you now have the skills to rock the vote! We hope that this helps you gather the opinions of others, and gain the insights you’re looking for. After all, they say there’s power in numbers, and with SurveyMonkey, you’ll see this reflected in your data. Happy election season, friends.

Have any political survey design questions for our survey experts? Let us know in the Comments below!

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