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How to Collect Data Like a Pro in Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate & Government

How to Collect Data Like a Pro in Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate & Government

DataIn case you haven’t noticed, we blog monkeys have been all about the wrap-ups lately. From rounding up our favorite survey tips of the year to sharing expert advice on some of your most popular questions, wrapping up all things data is one of our favorite gifts to you.

With the continued spirit of giving in mind, we’d like to share a few of our favorite customer case studies from our Customer Success team.

Whether you’re a business school grad or a seasoned business owner, you know that studying case studies and researching how other businesses meet challenges are effective ways of monitoring your competition and staying on top of the latest trends in your space. We hope you find these helpful!

How to collect HR data in pharmaceuticals

One of our power users, a pharmaceutical company based in Europe, launches surveys on a weekly basis to gather data on customer and employee satisfaction. One specific use case that has been incredibly beneficial for them is the HR Department’s use of SurveyMonkey Enterprise for employee exit surveys.

When valued employees decided to leave the company, they had no way of knowing or identifying why any existing trends behind the departures. With the help of our Enterprise platform, they discovered that employee benefits and competitive salaries were the top two reasons for departures.

As a result, they adjusted their HR benefits packages and have successfully obtained a high level of employee satisfaction across the company thereby reducing their attrition rate.

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How to use NPS in real estate

In keeping with our diverse set of international customers, our next case study comes from a large real estate company based in Australia. They employ strata managers across multiple states to manage the rental properties of various homeowners. As you can imagine, it’s traditionally pretty difficult for the main office to have visibility into how those strata managers are performing without running real estate surveys that gathers all of the data and feedback into one central location.

In order to resolve this, the main office has not only begun surveying the tenants of their properties, but they’ve also begun using the Net Promoter® Score (NPS) to gain additional valuable information on each of their strata managers and then sharing it back out with them. This, in turn, will allow for the strata managers to gain better knowledge into where they can improve quarter over quarter.

How recruiters improve interviewing workflow with surveys

Last but not least, let’s take our case study spotlight and shine it on government right here in the United States. Their recruiting/HR department needed additional insights into their interview process to find out what could be improved. Once a year, they send out a survey to nearly 700 candidates who have gone through the interview process, regardless of whether they were hired or not.

What they found was compelling. Prior to using SurveyMonkey Enterprise, the HR department relied on an in-house survey system. But after making the switch over to SurveyMonkey, their response rate increased from 10% to a whopping 40%.

In addition, after discovering that recruits were overall more satisfied when they were brought in for onsite interviews, as opposed to those who were interviewed remotely, this information meant that leadership could maintain their current level of travel expenses in the budget. They also have been able to improve candidate satisfaction of the hiring process from 74% to 82%!

Have your own use case you’d like to share with us? Let us know here. You just might see it featured on a blog next year.

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