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How a Qualitative Market Research Company Gets the Best Data for Clients

How a Qualitative Market Research Company Gets the Best Data for Clients

qualitative market researchNarrowing your focus in market research is almost as important as the research itself. Your business most likely knows that market insights can translate into big wins—but how do you know if you’re asking the right people the right questions?

For San Francisco market research company InterQ, getting comprehensive market insights means teaming up with SurveyMonkey Audience. InterQ’s Director of Research, Joanna Jones, is here to explain how her team runs market research surveys to help their clients.

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Before our first focus group even begins, we want to make sure we completely understand our core demographic. To achieve this, we often reach out to SurveyMonkey Audience to help us gain a better understanding of the broader marketplace. Gathering audience information can be time-consuming, which is why we enjoy using SurveyMonkey Audience—they’ll handle the recruiting, assist with our survey design, and run analytics so we can spend more time with our clients and research design.

We recently conducted qualitative market research for a home products company looking to expand their storage space product line. In order to better understand our own target audience (the B2C client), we used SurveyMonkey Audience to gain insights from B2B audiences in the same field. Here’s how we used these tools to accomplish our study goals:

The home products research study

Our home products research study project consisted of focus groups, online panel discussions, and surveys. Since we first needed to survey contractors and designers (B2B) in six markets, we immediately knew it was a task that SurveyMonkey Audience could easily accomplish.

In qualitative market research, one of the most challenging aspects is finding the right audience—particularly when you’re looking at a niche market. Fortunately, SurveyMonkey Audience’s comprehensive resources allowed us to easily recruit respondents and build surveys.

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Step 1: Effective recruiting

We had a large outline of parameters for the project, including sample sizes, potential markets, and survey lengths, since it was essential that we explore every aspect of our client’s needs. Within hours the SurveyMonkey Audience team had already reviewed the project scope, confirmed our parameters, and gave us a straightforward price quote and timeline.

Our client’s niche market was also an important issue, but the survey sample recruited by SurveyMonkey included contractors from six different cities, as well as a nationwide panel of interior designers and a sample of furniture and storage installers.

Step 2: Survey design

Once you’ve identified a sample audience, it’s still important to make sure you’re asking the right questions to get the most useful insights. We wanted to make sure our B2B audience was going to give us actionable information to pass onto our client—so once the recruiting was underway my team and I worked closely with the SurveyMonkey Audience team to design the survey questions.

Together we developed separate questions for each demographic, including questions such as: “What percentage of your customers ask for custom kitchen cabinetry versus pre-fabricated cabinetry,” and “What is the average age of your interior design clients?”

Multiple surveys and targeted questions made sure we got the most useful data from our B2B audiences, as we wanted to understand broader patterns in home storage products such as kitchen layouts, customer options, and customer age ranges. This data helped immensely in narrowing down our own recruiting parameters for the focus groups and online panels we conducted (the B2C audience).

Step 3: Analysis

Since our goal was to recruit panels for qualitative market research and outline general impressions of the B2C market from B2B suppliers, we first needed to analyze and understand our audience profiles. SurveyMonkey’s broad suite of analysis tools fit perfectly with our needs, and my team was easily able to perform segmentation work and organize the wealth of data.

Not only were we able to get a clear idea of our own target audience and demographic information, but we also gained valuable market information such as average kitchen size, average garage size, and the breakdown of customers who preferred custom versus pre-fabricated storage options—information we could both pass onto our client and use for future studies.

The results: Two very happy clients

Overall, we were able to make smarter and more streamlined research decisions with the tools and data from SurveyMonkey Audience. The B2B surveys allowed our business valuable insights into the B2C market, giving us a much clearer view of who to recruit and which questions to ask when designing focus groups. Our own client was also greatly impressed by the depth of each insight, and armed with the research project data they were able to successfully refine their product and bring it to market.

InterQ Research is a full-service qualitative and quantitative market research company based in San Francisco. InterQ works with startups, established companies, marketing teams, and agencies to help them understand their customers. Through focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographic research, and online and mobile tools, InterQ is able to give companies transformative customer insights that inform, inspire, and revitalize product development and marketing strategy.

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