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Hoot! Hoot! SurveyMonkey and HootSuite Partner Up

Hoot! Hoot! SurveyMonkey and HootSuite Partner Up

As promised, SurveyMonkey and API fans–we’ve teamed up with our owl buddies over at HootSuite for an integration that’s gonna rock your world. HootSuite helps businesses and organizations engage your audiences and analyze campaigns across multiple networks like Twitter and Facebook, and other key players in the social space.

Since HootSuite is already helping you save time and effort in managing your social media channels and we’re helping you whip up some smart surveys, we figured why not have and do both? This partnership means only great things for you, your social media presence, and your ability to make better decisions with the latest in online survey technology. Pretty darn exciting, right? Now you’ll not only ramp up your efficiency levels but you’ll have the power of data, data and more data at your fingertips!

All you have to do is log in to your HootSuite account, add our app and before you know it, you’ll be sending out a survey, viewing results in real-time and managing your social media feeds–all without ever having to leave HootSuite.

Ready to see an example of how it works? Let’s jump right in.

Step 1:

Log into your Hootsuite account, install the SurveyMonkey app and connect your accounts. You can add SurveyMonkey as a separate tab:

Step 2:

Create a tweet in HootSuite that includes your survey link. You can also post to your Facebook wall, or distribute the survey through any other network:

Step 3:

Once your survey is in front of your fans and followers, you have the option of seeing each survey question in summary form:

Step 4:

Or you can look at individual responses to your survey:

That’s all there is to it! If you want to build your social presence and learn more about your target market, then this integration is for you. HootSuite puts you in control of your social networks in their social media dashboard and now that you have real-time survey results to work with, you can further engage your social community with your surveys, gather demographic information and collect important insights.

Or go a step further and create surveys to help understand trends you see through HootSuite’s social listening. However you use it, you’re going to know a lot more about your audience at the end of the day.

Big thanks are due to Mark Holder, David Dmytryshyn and the whole HootSuite team for such excellent work on this integration.

If you’d like to integrate with SurveyMonkey, please fill out our partner form or visit our developer portal.

As always–Questions? Feedback? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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One thought on “Hoot! Hoot! SurveyMonkey and HootSuite Partner Up

  1. Amy Lindahl says:

    So cool! This makes it so easy to tweet my surveys.

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