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Hillary’s Likability Problem Could Actually Be Worse: She Could Be Trump

Hillary’s Likability Problem Could Actually Be Worse: She Could Be Trump

SurveyMonkey Hillary ClintonJust last November, Hillary Clinton was the most admired woman in the world, and Donald Trump was the third most admired man—just behind Pope Francis but well behind Barack Obama.

At least, that’s what a Gallup survey found at the time. But oh, how the times have changed.

While Hillary Clinton may have been “likable enough” during her 2008 bid for president, today she’s disliked or hated by more than half the voters across the country.

There is one (thin) silver lining to Hillary Clinton’s likability rating: At least it’s better than Donald Trump’s.

Using NBC News/SurveyMonkey Election Tracking, we found that more than six in ten registered voters (63%) say they either dislike or hate Donald Trump, while nearly as many (58%) say the same about Hillary Clinton. That leaves only 41% of voters who like or admire Clinton, compared to 36% for Trump.

That includes 17% of registered voters said they admire her, and another 23% said they like her but don’t admire her.

Who Likes Clinton the Most?

Clinton’s numbers vary a bit by demographic group. Women admire or like Clinton more than men do, but not as much as you might think given her status as the first female presidential nominee from one of the major parties:  47% of women admire or like her, compared to 33% of men.


  • Blacks have overwhelmingly favorable views of Clinton:  37% of blacks say they admire her and 44% say that like her.
  • Hispanics have favorable views, too:  20% of Hispanics admire her and 33% like her.
  • More highly educated people view Clinton more favorably than those with less education:  28% of people with a graduate degree say they admire her.
  • Only 14% of those with a high school degree or less and 15% of people with some college experience say they admire her.

What About Trump?

Among groups where Clinton inspires admiration, Trump incites hatred. Just 10% of registered voters say they admire Trump, 26% say they like him but don’t admire him, 39% say they dislike him but don’t hate him, and 24% say they hate him.


  • Blacks and Hispanics, who view Clinton so favorably, have especially negative views of Trump:  33% of Blacks and 42% of Hispanics say they hate him.
  • Young people have particularly negative views of him, too:  45% of people 18-24 and 35% of people 25-34 say they hate him.
  • Among people with graduate degrees, only 6% say they admire Trump, compared to 31% who hate him.
  • Even those with less education are unlikely to have strong favorable views of him: only 12% of those with a high school degree or less, 11% of those with some college, and 8% of those with a college degree say they admire him.

General Election Contest

Clinton now leads Trump by a 4% point margin (47 to 43%) among all registered voters nationwide (with 9% undecided). While slim, Clinton’s advantage has been essentially stable for the past 3 weeks. She led by 3 points the prior week (48 to 45%) and by 5 the week before that (49 to 44%).

The race is so close because both Clinton and Trump are winning similarly high percentages of support within their respective parties. Clinton’s share of the vote among Democrats and independents who lean Democratic (88%) is only slightly higher than Trump’s share of Republicans and Republican-leaners (86%). The two candidates split non-leaning independents almost evenly (37% for Trump, 36% for Clinton).

Stay tuned to the SurveyMonkey blog for more Election Tracking news. Questions or comments? Leave them below!


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