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Happy Father’s Day: How Do Dads Really Feel About Fatherhood?

Happy Father’s Day: How Do Dads Really Feel About Fatherhood?

Father's DayIt’s all about you, Dads.

That’s right. It’s already that time of year again where we get to celebrate the start of summer and toast to all the awesome fathers out there. And with fatherhood on the brain, we were curious (naturally) to learn more about dads’ perspectives on parenting, how it compares to motherhood, what their biggest challenges and joys are, and more.

We surveyed over 300 dads with SurveyMonkey Audience—a dynamic online tool that gathers feedback from a target demographic—to get their thoughts.

Here’s what they said. About-to-be-dads? Pay close attention!

How scared were you?

Hear that, moms and pops? Fear is not a factor when it comes to fatherhood with 41% claiming to be “Not at all scared”. Surprising to some of you out there or not so much? Considering that a whopping 80% of survey respondents shared that they had planned to become a father and that nearly half reported to be “extremely excited” to start changing diapers, you shouldn’t be.

How did you prepare?

That’s right. The majority of dads said they (gulp) didn’t really prepare with 37%. However, coming in second are those who decided to take a more studied route—relying on parenting books and classes (22%).

Fatherhood vs. Motherhood

So what could’ve been a hot button issue turned out to be lukewarm based on our survey results. When asked about the levels of challenge in fatherhood vs. motherhood—Dads overwhelmingly said things are pretty darn equal at a little over half and 27% saying it’s “somewhat less challenging”. Phew. We also wanted to know if dads felt that the challenges of being a parent today were bigger than in their own father’s day—over 70% believe that yep, they’ve got it tougher today. Why? Well, that’s another survey for another time.

What's the best thing about being a dad?Seeing their kids smile. Witnessing their happiness and watching them grow up are the biggest joys of being a father. And when it comes to celebrating Father’s Day? Here’s where the surprises kick in. Most dads just don’t really care about celebrating June 15th. In fact, over 60% said they really wished their families didn’t celebrate Father’s Day at all. Being together as a family, even if it’s just dinner or getting the chance to talk to their child on the phone, is all it takes.

So hear that, future dads? Nothing to be scared about and having special days to celebrate being a proud pop isn’t a #1 priority—it’s truly family and the thought that counts.

Happy Father’s Day from all of us here at SurveyMonkey!

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