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Guest Posts & Contributors

Guest Posts & Contributors

Share your story (and your know-how) with a bigger audience.

We’re looking for contributors to share their smart ideas about how to make better decisions. A good guest post can come from anyone, so we’re not as picky about who you are as we are about what you have to say. Here are three types of contributions we really love:

  • Cool ways to use surveys
  • Ideas for getting critical information, measuring performance, or making big decisions
  • Stories about using SurveyMonkey

If you’ve got an idea, shoot it over by filling out a short survey.

Write for us

Or read on to learn more about our guest posting guidelines and what we hope to see from you.

Guidelines for contributors

The audience for our blog is primarily people who are looking for ways to make big decisions. More than anything, we want to help them out, inspire them, and help them kick butt. If you submit an article that’s helpful, insipiring, or kick butt in its own right, you’re probably going to get published!

Here are some more detailed examples of types of content that really resonate with us:

Cool ways to use surveys: How can surveys help people reach goals like improving customer satisfaction, engaging employees, or building a great business plan? For example: The Easiest Way to Form Your Content Strategy.

Ideas for getting critical information, measuring performance, or making big decisions: We admit it: Surveys aren’t the only way to gather information. But whether you want to launch a startup or plan a good meeting, you’ll need to know what makes your audience tick. Help our readers out by sharing secrets like these: How to Test Online Ads Before They Go Live or 5 Customer Satisfaction KPIs You Need to Use.

Stories about using SurveyMonkey: What was your big question? What did you learn? How did it change your business? We’d be super flattered if you had a story like this one or if you shared interesting survey results.

Feel free to check out our blog for more ideas!

Fine print and FAQs

Rule 1: Keep it real. We’ll only publish content that’s helpful, valuable, right for our audience, and not overtly promotional.

Rule 2: Love begets love. Promote your posts well, and we’ll promote them, too. Any articles that get (or deserve) lots of eyeballs will go front and center on our site, in social media, and maybe even in our newsletter. A good post will get tens of thousands of visits.

Rule 3: Original content only. We will only publish original work that you own the rights to. No reposting, scraping, or other sketchiness.

Rule 4: Keep SEO on the DL. It’s great if you have a narrowly defined topic when you write, but our site is for readers, not the search engines. If it starts to feel like you’re writing about a keyword instead of a topic, we’re probably not going to like it. Similarly, we will allow a reasonable number of backlinks and outbound links, as long as they are relevant to the piece you write. For example, a well-researched piece that links off to its sources is totally fine. We’re also happy to let you link back to your site in an “about the author” blurb at the bottom of your piece. Here’s an example of what attribution for a guest post will look like.

Rule 5: Don’t worry about length. The right length is however long it takes you to share something interesting and valuable. It might be 400 words, it might be 2000.

Rule 6: Red pens. We may edit your piece for clarity or brevity, but most likely only to fix a typo, beef up a headline, or add a few links.

Rule 7: Ownership. When you contribute a guest post, you give us an exclusive, but revokable, right to publish your submission in any form. You also promise that any content you share is yours to share. We will remove your article within 30 days at your written request.

So what are you waiting for? Start posting!

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