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Guest Blogger: Dorian W-K, CEO & Chief Kid at

Guest Blogger: Dorian W-K, CEO & Chief Kid at

Is it worth it?

My dad and I threw that question around a lot. That was because we knew people liked the idea for our startup, but we did not know enough about how people used it. If you do not have that answer it is hard to put a big effort into such a small startup.

SurveyMonkey reassured us with some helpful and positive feedback. And now, this ten-year-old, who just had an idea, is writing for them on their blog!

My dad’s and my startup is called Zibkids. Zibkids is a website where kids can learn about business and even create their own mini ones, like a Temporary Tattoo Parlor, a Jewelry Design Studio, a Lemonade Stand, a Flower Business and more. The website includes tools like a business card maker, flyer maker, website maker and my favorite of them all, the profit tracker.

Zibz (our name for the mini businesses) also comes with easy guides for kids and families to get started. These guides have sections like Get Smart, Get Inspired and Get Going, with step-by-step instructions.


A couple months back I wanted to know more about who was using Zibkids and how they were using it. I thought what better way to get answers than make a survey and what better tool to use than SurveyMonkey? I mean, it makes surveys and its logo is a monkey! So that is what we did and we got some great feedback. For example, one kid uses Zibkids for the Lemonade Stand Zib and donates all his profits to a charity in Kenya. How great! Another person told us some ideas for making Zibkids better.

Some of our survey questions were:

● Have you downloaded one of the guides or created business cards and/or a website?
● Have you held a lemonade stand or temporary tattoo parlor?
● If so, please tell us about it. If not, please tell us why.
● How kid friendly is our website?
● How likely are you to recommend our website to others?

Soon after we sent the survey to our users, our neighbor Selina–AKA VP of Engineering at Survey Monkey, AKA smart–came over to our house. We told her about our survey and out of curiosity, my dad asked her whether they ever asked customers how they used SurveyMonkey.

Soon after, we got an email from her saying they would like me to guest blog and she copied SurveyMonkey’s VP of Marketing, Anne. I was so excited! We emailed back and forth with Anne and found a date when we could go to their main office in Palo Alto, CA. We got a tour from Anne and Sheila, they took pictures and we talked about Zibkids and SurveyMonkey. What a cool office! Then we drove home which I hated because of all the lame traffic, but it was so worth it.

I think that bring us up to date with me writing this post in our bright red chairs in our front room at home.

Anne offered us a great opportunity in writing this blog post (thank you Anne, Sheila and Selina!) and said we can even do another survey about Zibkids right here on the SurveyMonkey blog. We would very much appreciate your answers.

If you click here, you can take the survey and get a free three-month coupon for Zibkids Premium, which gives you access to all of our Zibz.


Dorian W-K
Chief Executive Officer

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