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Greece Central School District Launches K-12 Parent Survey

Greece Central School District Launches K-12 Parent Survey

GCSDWe strongly believe in supporting the hard work that teachers, parents and educators do every day to help their students achieve academic success. In the spring of 2012, we announced our partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the creation of the K-12 Parent Survey, the first of its kind.

The survey template is designed to help K-12 schools ask their parents the right questions to measure important components of the family/school relationship that leads to positive student outcomes. We’re very excited to share with all of you that the Greece Central School District (GCSD) in New York, has partnered with us in their launch of the K-12 Parent Survey.

Laurel Heiden, Community Relations Manager, at Greece Central School District, talks about how the data gathered from the survey launch has helped support and strengthen their educational mission.

Welcome, Laurel!

Our district consists of 17 schools and 11,000 students. Diversity is one of our greatest strengths and we’re proud that our students have a wide range of interests, backgrounds, cultural traditions and passions. All of the teachers, educators and administrators are committed to preparing our students for the bright futures that lie in store for them after graduation.

Improving the communication and deepening the community through meaningful family and community engagement is one of our 2013-14 district goals and the main reason behind our decision to go with SurveyMonkey‘s K-12 Parent Survey. In addition to SurveyMonkey’s high credibility as a company, their partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the development of this survey template also let us know that we were in the right hands. Our overall strategic plan for GCSD calls for initiatives that are measurable and launching this survey gave us the measurable data that also helped inform our baseline for future projects and planning.

We distributed the K-12 Parent Survey to all 17 of our schools last spring in both electronic and paper format. After analyzing the data that we collected, we compiled our findings into an executive summary that we shared with the district. Based off of our direct experience, the K-12 Parent Survey template truly is a way to utilize a research-based survey that is cost-efficient for a school district in distribution and collection and also allows us to collect comparative data. The insights we gained from this launch will help support the educational goals of our students and continue to improve the important relationship dynamics between our students and family involvement.

We’re proud that we can help support Greece Central School District in realizing their educational goals and enriching the lives of students, parents and teachers.  

Interested in learning more about Greece Central School District? Click here.

If you’re a school administrator/educator and are interested in learning how to get started with the Harvard Graduate School of Education K-12 Parent Survey or would like to get in touch with us, please visit our resource page.

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