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Give surveys a beautiful, modern look with our new themes

Give surveys a beautiful, modern look with our new themes

Throughout 2015 we made a lot of improvements to help you build surveys, and to kick the year off, we’re excited to announce an update to Themes, our set of eleven prepackaged themes with background images and modern fonts and styling to make your surveys look beautiful.

With looks that range from professional to playful, there’s a theme that fits every survey, whether you’re measuring customer satisfaction or planning a dinner party. We think they make surveys look even better—like this Seashell theme—and we can’t wait to see how you use them.

SurveyMonkey Seashell theme

Starting today, you can apply any of our new themes to your surveys with just a click. And besides giving surveys a great new look, the themes are also responsive, which means your surveys will look great no matter where respondents take them—like on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

SurveyMonkey responsive themes on computer, tablet, and smartphone

Here’s how to choose your theme

Here’s how you can use themes when designing your survey:
As you design your survey, you’ll find Themes in the left-hand section of our survey builder tool.

SurveyMonkey theme section

When you click a theme, the design of your survey changes immediately, so you can quickly see which theme best fits your survey.

Changing survey design in SurveyMonkey

And if you use SurveyMonkey SELECT or above, you can add custom backgrounds that better reflect your company or brand and access additional font options, such as Montserrat and Roboto. And aside from these new additions, you can continue to use your brand or company colors when building your custom theme.

Questions, comments on anything above? Hit us up below and enjoy your beautiful new theme designs.