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Get More Out of Your Blog or Site with Embedded Surveys

Get More Out of Your Blog or Site with Embedded Surveys

Now you can make your site or blog work a lot harder—in a way that’s easier for you. Want to find out what your audience really wants? Embedded surveys allow you to bake a survey right in. Sure, everybody talks about blogs being a two-way conversation, but an embedded survey actually fulfills that promise (and gets you data you can use). You can find out exactly what your audience wants to hear more about—or less about, as the case may be. You might find out that you need to address topics you didn’t even know were on the radar.  Or you can gather data on a hot issue and publish your results in a future post.

And think about how embedded surveys can affect your website: you can instantly find out how customers are using your site, and how to improve the experience. And there’s no break visually: you can design the survey to mimic your branding, like on this post, or make it pop with a complimentary color so your readers or customers really see that you want their feedback, like this…

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

If you’re responding to what your audience wants and needs (like we did, by creating the embedded survey feature due to customer demand), then you can keep your customers’ eyes on your site or blog longer—and count on new fans who will pass the word along.

Learn more about how to create embedded surveys here.

See how Kara Swisher and Dr. Oz used embedded surveys here.

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47 thoughts on “Get More Out of Your Blog or Site with Embedded Surveys

  1. livelybrowsers says:

    Thanks for good stuff

    1. Anne R says:

      You’re so welcome–let us know if you embed a survey on your blog or site as we’d love to see it!

  2. How can i get best survey through website of blog. Is this easy earning source?

    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Allanoor–our embedded survey is another way you can gather feedback from your blog readers or website customers. It doesn’t generate direct revenue for you, but rather is a good way to find out what your readers or customers want or to create an easy, fun way to engage with them. Hope this helps!

  3. Nynette Sass says:

    love the ease with which surveys can be designed with SurveyMonkey. I see a lot more surveys conducted in my country are using SM. Great stuff!

  4. Leslie Young says:

    I would use survey monkey more if it were easier to understand. I have also been playing with but you guys make it so hard.

    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Leslie–we would love to hear how we can make things easier, so please share any feedback or suggestions you have.

    2. Juna says:

      yay did the survey that was quick and pesilans!really don’t think that there is much you could improve on in your blogging it is great as is!wishing you a very holly jolly holida season all the way from steaming hot and humid tropical Durban South africa!

      1. Hanna J says:

        Hi Juna – Aww shucks. Thanks for your kind comments! We appreciate you :). Have a great day!

  5. David Lantz says:

    Can you put this on a face book fan page?

  6. RealHope says:

    The site seems interesting. But is there any payment when you embed the survey into our blog/website?

  7. RealHope says:

    Will there be charges for embedding survey in my blog?

    1. Anne R says:

      There are no charges for embedding a survey in your blog. It’s one of the collector options that is available with our free account.

  8. I love this and will be adding it to my blog. I too would love to know about embedding on Facebook or LinkedIn.

  9. Paul says:

    I would like to see an ‘on demand’ survey option too.
    Is this something that will be available?

    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Paul–can you describe a little bit more what you mean by an ‘on-demand’ option? It sounds interesting and we’d love to make sure we understand what you’re looking for. Thanks!

  10. D says:

    I would like to be able to embed the survey on my facebook business page.

  11. Julie says:

    Do all SurveyMonkey embedded surveys have this at the bottom: Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

    If so, can this be taken out? We have a non-profit account. Thanks.

    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Julie–yes, currently all embedded surveys come with that line at the bottom for any type of account. Thanks for asking!

  12. Bass M says:

    Hi there, will this embeded survey work with MS SharePoint?

  13. Jerry J says:

    How do I get this on my website…?

    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Jerry–once you have a survey created, click on “Collect Responses,” then “Add Collector” and choose the “Add the survey to your website” option. On the next page, if you choose “Embed,” we will give you a few lines of code that you can place on your website or blog to embed the survey. Here’s a full write up with instructions from our help center if you need more information:

  14. ranjeet singh says:

    very good

  15. David Mott says:

    A question is ther a way to embed on an https page?

  16. David Mott says:

    Is there a way to embed a survey on an https page?

  17. Danny says:

    I think it would only be fair that SM allow the option to remove the ‘create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the worlds leading questionnaire tool’ – we use SM internally and dont require the need to have this displayed.

    1. Anne R says:

      Danny–thanks very much for the feedback. I’ll make sure to share it with our product and development team as we are continually taking customer input into consideration as we add or enhance features.

  18. Thanks for this up-date. It looks like something I will use on my site and in my blog.

    1. Anne R says:

      David–we’re glad to hear it! Let us know how it goes.

  19. Gooday Mate, This is a great article the above is fantastic can someone reply to tell me how to sing up for your newsletter

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Joya – Absolutely! Just go to, and sign up for a free account. You’ll start receiving our newsletter automatically, and you can opt out any time. Thanks, have a great weekend!

  20. Lynette says:

    Is there a way to embed the survey and/or results in a SharePoint 2010 site? I’ve seen the code to embed but haven’t been able to figure out where it would need to go, if it can even do it.

    1. kaytek says:

      Hi Lynette,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have that capability yet. You can embed your survey in your website or blog however.

      Here’s how!

      Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions.

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