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Help Predict the Future of Open Source Software Development

Help Predict the Future of Open Source Software Development

Open source infographicWe love open source software. It helps people innovate, collaborate, and do a lot more smart work faster. We also love helping out people who use SurveyMonkey to do fascinating research. Today we get to embrace both loves!

For eight years, the Future of Open Source Survey has asked web developers and technology pros about where they think open source is headed. This year’s survey is now open, so go take it to share your opinion about open source:

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Learn more about past results and the team who runs the survey. Here’s what one of the folks who run the survey, Megan DeGruttola of Black Duck Software, had to say:

The Future of Open Source Survey is an annual assessment of the state of the open source industry and analysis of future trends. The survey was started by North Bridge Venture Partners eight years ago and has been supported by Black Duck Software as a co-sponsor since 2012.

Each year, industry influencers and the wider tech community are polled about open source software adoption, trends, opportunities, key drivers and community engagement. Since its inception, the number of survey respondents and collaborating organizations have grown steadily, reflecting the rapid growth and influence of the open source movement. In 2013, over 800 respondents helped reveal that the cultural impact of open source software and its influence on everything from innovation, to collaboration among competitors, to hiring practices, is revolutionizing the way organizations work and do business. The major survey results themes of culture and innovation, quality and growth were highlighted in the Open Revolution: 2013 Future of Open Source Infographic, generating year round media headlines in publications like PCWorld, ComputerWeekly, ZDNet, O’Reilly Media, ReadWrite and more.

With the support of over 40 collaborating organizations this year, the survey continues to drive broader industry discussions, sharing in the insights of open source software industry leaders, organizations and the larger technology community. Be part of this industry wide discussion around the next phase of open source adoption before it closes on March 5, 2014.

Take the Future of Open Source Survey at /s/2014-future-open-source!

We’re excited to see what their year’s results reveal. Look out for the 2014 results to be announced April 3rd!

If you’re a developer looking to integrate with SurveyMonkey, check out our API or learn about our forthcoming mobile SDK.

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