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Freshdesk & SurveyMonkey Team Up

Freshdesk & SurveyMonkey Team Up
Freshdesk Partnership

Over here at SurveyMonkey, we like to be helpful. In fact, we love being helpful so our integration with Freshdesk–an online help desk software–gives us the opportunity to keep doing just that in even more spaces.

Whether it’s by email, phone, online, or in your social media networks, teaming up with the fine folks of Freshdesk makes it even easier for you to offer world-class customer support. Want to find out how your customers really feel about you? Would they recommend you to a friend?

Make sure you know the answers to both questions by adding surveys to your Freshdesk ticket reply emails. All you need to do is connect your SurveyMonkey account with your Freshdesk account and set up the rules for when different surveys should be included in automated emails. Once your tickets are resolved, you can send feedback surveys or even give your help agents the option to send surveys manually. However you set it up, you’ll learn more about your customers than ever before. Win-win for everyone.

Ready to see how it works? It’s as easy as 1-2-3 (+4)!

Step 1:  Enable the SurveyMonkey integration in your Freshdesk account. Just choose the Admin tab, then click on Integrations.

Step 2: Within Freshdesk, choose any survey you’ve created in SurveyMonkey. Designate which Freshdesk emails you’d like to add it to.

Step 3: A link to the survey you selected will be added to the Freshdesk emails you specify.

Step 4: Log in to SurveyMonkey to analyze the results.

There you have it. Take advantage of this powerful integration and you’ll be finding better ways to serve your customer base before you know it, without ever having to leave Freshdesk.

Many thanks to Sugan Shreyas, Sunil Kumar, Kaushik Venkat, Abishek Sridharan and the whole team at Freshdesk for all of their hard work.

Want to integrate your site with us too? Visit our developer portal and get started today!

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