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How a Mobile Startup Found the Right Market

How a Mobile Startup Found the Right Market

As life gets busier and family members scatter all over town, the only way to connect them when they’re on the move is through their mobile devices. Recognizing this, Alohar Mobile built an app that allows family members to stay connected throughout the day. Dave Smiddy, VP of Products at Alohar Mobile, surveyed potential customers to understand whether there was a market for a family locator app, and how their app could serve that market.

To learn about their potential customers, Alohar Mobile used SurveyMonkey Audience to target consumers across the US who owned Android or iOS/iPhones and had children aged 13 – 18 living at home.


The survey data on consumer purchase intent and usage on the company’s competition helped support their company vision. 50% of people needed help keeping track of their spouses, and over 25% wanted to know what kids were up to. Alohar Mobile had a market!

“We live and breathe this stuff”, said Smiddy. “So, it helped to get in touch with the general public”. More specifically, using SurveyMonkey Audience made it “quick and easy to conduct research on our target market. The results were influential in testing and validating our assumptions and strategic direction.”

For example, Alohar Mobile was surprised by how few respondents knew about existing family location apps. At the same time, it was also encouraging to see a decent portion of the market using services Alohar identified as competitors.


They also found a potential point of differentiation. Safety and security concerns were big motivators for a lot of respondents, even though only 3 out of 7 competing brands listed it as a key benefit.

Alohar Mobile was also able to get a read on how likely consumers would be to use their new product. Interestingly enough, they found that women tend to be more interested in family location services than men, but one competitor really stood out with men.

What’s next?

It’s time for Alohar Mobile to put their market research to work by making sure they offer the features people expect, go to market with the right messaging, and carve out their competitive niche.

Alohar Mobile also plans to use the survey they ran as a benchmark for future market research surveys to see how the market and competitive landscape change over time.

To find out how you can gain greater insights on your target market or your competitors like Alohar Mobile did, contact SurveyMonkey Audience!

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