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Fantasy Football Trading Rules

Fantasy Football Trading Rules

Fantasy FootballFootball season is in full swing and diehard fans have been out in the stands–cheering (and booing) those hardworking, well-paid warriors of the NFL. But not all of the excitement happens outside. That’s right.

Many would argue that fantasy football can be just as enjoyable as a real live game, whether as a viewer hollering your heart out for the home team, or as a sweaty participant. Just like a flesh-and-blood match on the field, there’s plenty of controversy that goes on in a fantasy match too. For example, every year in every fantasy league, a debate rages over what the right trade policy should be. From time to time, player trades occur that people in the league feel are unjust.

We’re big fans of football here at the office–and yep, we’ve even got ourselves a SurveyMonkey fantasy football league–so we thought the best way to solve this debate was to get the opinions of fantasy football players out there in America and find out what they think about trade policies. What are the most popular? The most fair?

With the help of SurveyMonkey Audience–a powerful online tool used to gather insights from a targeted demographic–we surveyed nearly 300 fantasy football players to get their feedback.

Ready to play? Hut! Hut! Hike!

Trade Policies

League approval was the overwhelming first choice for respondents at 57%. Not surprising either since this is the default setting for any online fantasy football league. So how do fantasy football players feel about some of the trading policies? We gave folks a five-point Likert scale and asked for their rating.

No Trades

Just under a half believe a No Trades policy is fair (47%).

League Approval

Once again, League Approval came in on top. 63% combined feel this policy to be “very fair” to “moderately fair”.

Based on our fantasy findings above, seems as if the current way that fantasy football leagues are being run is also the most fair way. Getting approval from the entire league continues to be the most just trade policy out of all the other current options. And we all know that playing a fair game is a sign of true sportsmanship!

Have you or anyone you know come up with anything different? Contact us at or share in the Comments section below.

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