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Live from the Red Carpet: SurveyMonkey Audience Rates Fashion Trends at the Emmy Awards

Live from the Red Carpet: SurveyMonkey Audience Rates Fashion Trends at the Emmy Awards

For most, September marks the end of summer as we head back to school, return to work after vacations, and pull out sweaters and scarves in anticipation of fall. And for many of us, it also marks the return of our favorite television shows, as well as a whole crop of new programs to enjoy. Every year, the start of the fall TV season is kicked off with one event: the Emmy Awards. And last night, we here at SurveyMonkey tuned into the Awards to see which stars and shows would walk away with television’s highest honors and, of course, find out who was best dressed.

As we sat back, tuned in, and cheered for our favorites, we started considering the medium itself. How much TV do people watch? Do Americans watch their favorite shows on television, online, or perhaps even on their phones? And was anyone else as excited about the Emmys as we were?

Eager to get some feedback on this beloved pastime, we turned to SurveyMonkey Audience, to learn more about how the public tunes in. Almost 80% of respondents watch more than 3 hours of TV per week, and more than third of you watch more than 10 hours per week.













As we suspected, the ways in which the public is watching TV is changing. Now that viewers are gaining increasing control over how and when they watch their favorite shows, it didn’t surprise us that only about one quarter of respondents watch live television.  So, that led us to our next question: is anyone watching commercials any more?

While less than 10% never watch commercials when watching TV, most respondents watch commercials less than half the time.













While most TV programming can be recorded via DVR or streamed online, live events like sporting events and awards show still tend to draw an audience. So, we wanted to know more about the Emmys and if people tuned in last night to watch. While only 20% of our respondents joined us in watching the red carpet arrivals and Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes, many still wanted to share their opinions about Emmy fashion and who was best dressed.

Bold and Bright on Emmy Night

As though they were clinging to the end of summer themselves, stars overwhelmingly dressed for the Awards in bright colors. We pulled a few examples from some of the evening’s common color palettes and had our respondents weigh in on who wore which dress the best.

Julie Bowen from Modern Family was a winner on all fronts. She took home the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy and our survey’s respondents also voted her best dressed in yellow.

The race for best dressed in blue was too close to call with respondents voting in equal numbers for Hayden Panettiere’s Marchesa gown and Heidi Klum’s light blue Alexandre Vauthier dress.


Lastly, Padma Lakshmi took the award for best dressed in orange. Almost 80% loved her Monique Lhuillier choice.

Want more information about our Emmy Awards survey? Check out the full survey or browse through the full set of results.

Whether you want to learn more about TV watching habits, hear from cable subscribers on how they view ads, or survey fashion enthusiasts on the top fall trends, SurveyMonkey Audience can provide you with the insights you’re looking for.

Tell us about the shows you’ll be watching, or DVRing, this week in the comments section.

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