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Plan and Host Effortless Events with Our Favorite Event Surveys

Plan and Host Effortless Events with Our Favorite Event Surveys

EventPlanningPlanning a successful event can take months of preparation. Even if you’ve nailed down the date, found the perfect location, and locked in your favorite caterer, there’s something you can do to make sure your event’s a smashing success: feedback!

Using surveys, get an accurate head count, plan your menu, and even survey your guests after they’ve attended your event so you do an even better job next time.

Our survey scientists have written event survey templates to help you ensure your next event goes off without a hitch:

1. RSVP Survey Template

Planning your wedding, a fundraiser, or a conference? Find out who’s in and who’s out. With our RSVP and Contact Information Survey Template, secure a headcount and any personal details you may need from your attendees.

Steer clear of any last-minute emergencies with this easy-to-use template, and stay within your budget by knowing who’s coming ahead of time.

RSVP Template Screenshot

Compare Your Event Feedback with Industry Averages

Get context for your survey results when you use SurveyMonkey Benchmarks to compare your survey results with industry averages.

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2. Event Planning Template

Dial in to the details. Whether preparing for a company holiday party or your organization’s international summit, knowing the expectations of your attendees ahead of time is crucial.

Perhaps your guests have dietary restrictions, special travel plans, or particular discussion topics they would like addressed. Don’t be left in the dark! Our all-in-one Event Planning Survey Template can help you make sure everything comes together before the big day.

Create Page Screenshot

3. Event Feedback Template

That’s a wrap! The event has finally come and gone—but before you take a well-deserved nap, send out our General Event Feedback Survey Template to gather valuable feedback while you snooze!

This follow-up template is a simple way to find out how attendees rate the quality of your event. Was the content helpful? Were the speakers engaging?

Understanding where you excelled, where you can improve, and whether attendees would recommend your event to friends and colleagues can help immensely for your next big bash.

Professional Event Design Page Screenshot

Now that you’re a master planner and have collected all this data, consider benchmarking your results to see how your event compares to average responses collected by other SurveyMonkey customers.

So what are you waiting for? Save the headache and give yourself a break with our effective and easy-to-use event survey templates.

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