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Education, The SurveyMonkey Way

Education, The SurveyMonkey Way

Are you looking to gather information from students to help assess and improve the education they’re receiving? Or is faculty satisfaction the key data you’re looking to collect?  Or are you interested in the way parents and community members feel about the quality of local public education? Whatever your educational needs may be, we have an easy to use Education Survey Template to help get you started collecting your data, so you can gain educational insights as quickly as adding 1 + 2 + 3!

There’s little that we love more, here at SurveyMonkey, than when our surveys are being for educational purposes, so the testimonial of Prianka, an educator and continuing student who is using our survey tool to teach and  do research, makes us some very happy Monkeys.

“My students answer questionnaires and quizzes using SurveyMonkey. By using the exact same quiz at the beginning and end of a unit, I can determine if there has been an increase in learning by individual, as well as by class. In addition, I am receiving my Masters in Teaching and Learning from the University of Southern Maine, and am conducting an independent research project. I am using SurveyMonkey to both gather consent forms, as well as to survey teachers.” Prianka C., educator and continuing student.

Prianka’s story is a great example of the many ways a survey can be used for better education, but it’s far from the only way.

We recently teamed up with Harvard School of Education to create a Pre K-12 Parent Survey to measure critical aspects of family and school relationships. We’re excited about the potential this survey offers to collect meaningful data that can drive improvements in the education sector. To learn more about what this means for you, your family, and your schools, check out the template:

harvard and surveymonkey education survey

So, go ahead, get started, and see your education needs taken care of with the click of a button! If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas for an educational survey, share them with us in the comment section below. We love to hear from you.

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11 thoughts on “Education, The SurveyMonkey Way

  1. Chadwick says:

    I want to have the same teacher ! :)

  2. Bill Bentley says:

    I use it for quizzes also. It’s useful but it would be more useful if it provided a way to automatically grade them while still allowing me to randomize the order. I think this is a simple addition to functionality. Right now I have to download and grade them offline in a spreadsheet. Not too hard but takes extra time, adds the possibility of errors and virtually eliminates the opportunity to randomize the questions which is very useful for quizzes, so that everyone sees them in a different order.

    1. Bennett P says:

      Bill – The team’s been playing around with a quiz feature. See this post on last year’s hackathon (team quiz knows):

      Hopefully, you’ll see it on the site in the future!

      1. If we get advanced quiz features it will be easy to convince the school bursar to cough up the money for a subscription!

  3. nawal says:

    l want to be a teacher

  4. Clare Heath says:


    I am fairly new to SurveyMonkey, have been managing some surveys and exporting the data for analysis.
    However, we are now finished and I want to de-activate the survey but not remove all the information.
    Anyone know how to do that?


    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Clare! If you’re finished and want to close your survey, you’ll just need to close what we call the ‘collector’. You can do this in 3 quick steps, just click on this link from our Help page:

      Let us know if that helps and thanks for your question.

  5. SurveyUser says:

    I am a Gold Plan subscriber of SurveyMonkey. We
    have some requirements on surveys that works like a quiz type of questions in
    which there are correct answers on each questions and should have the ability
    to measure how many respondents got the right answers. This is useful in
    conducting a survey in order to measure the knowledge of the survey respondents
    on the subject matter. Although when you googled “survey monkey
    quiz”, you will find some suggestions, but when you try it out, it still
    did not meet our expectations. I would like to know, when will Survey Monkey
    will have a “Quiz” survey type of questions since we find it as a
    very useful tool in conducting surveys?

    Take note that the above concern was already raised with the support of SurveyMonkey via email and was told that the quiz type of surveys might be consider in the future releases. Of course there is no assurance.

    My follow-up question is, how did Prianka C.( the teacher on the above blog) was able to say that ““My students answer questionnaires and quizzes using SurveyMonkey….” where in fact the surveys in Survey Monkey is NOT meant for quizzes because there is no scoring features ?

    1. kaytek says:

      Hi there, it’s possible to use us as a quiz tool or test-taking tool but we don’t currently have a question type that can be automatically graded or scored.

      Here’s how from our Help Center!

      Hope this helps.

      1. SurveyUser says:

        Hi kaytek,
        The useful feature that can help us on survey gathering is the question type that can be graded or scored. Unfortunately, SurveyMonkey does NOT have this feature. I can say that SurveyMonkey is NOT so useful survey tool in Education sector since there is no features on question types that can be graded. We need a question type that can be scored or graded so that we can measure the effectiveness of the students.
        I have read the link that you have provided, but the solution is not the one that I am looking for.
        I would be happy if SurveyMonkey will sincerely include these on their future release
        and I will appreciate it if we will be advised when will this happen?
        From Education Sector

        1. kaytek says:

          Thank you for your feedback, we definitely appreciate it. We’ve alerted our Product team.

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