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SurveyMonkey Contribute: Top Charitable Donations By Region

SurveyMonkey Contribute: Top Charitable Donations By Region

Every month, over 30 million people complete SurveyMonkey surveys. Among these survey takers, there’s a substantial population who sign up for SurveyMonkey Contribute to take additional surveys. What’s SurveyMonkey Contribute and why do people sign up? It’s our member site that allows people to take surveys while benefiting charities at the same time. We’ve partnered with a diverse group of charitable organizations who receive donations for every survey response our SurveyMonkey Contribute members take. The surveys they take come from customers purchasing respondents from our SurveyMonkey Audience product.

Today, we have millions of people who’ve signed up to take surveys in our SurveyMonkey Contribute program. The charity donations generated from their survey taking activities have helped many deserving organizations around the country. We wanted to find out which areas in the United States have the most charitable residents who also happen to love taking surveys.

Take a look at the top thirty metropolitan areas in the United States whose donation per capita exceeds the national average.

  • The #1 spot is held by the Cincinnati-Middletown area. So far, this region has made the most donations per capita to charities–about six times the national average.
  • Second place? The Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington metropolitan area.
  • Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue rounds out the top three with donations per capita of five times the national average.
Nice job, everyone! Here’s the complete breakdown:

Our data is based off of populations numbering two million+ and is based on census data from 2010.

In each area, donation per capita is affected by many factors. For example, the number of people who’ve signed up for our Contribute program, the number of surveys sent to Contribute members, survey response rate, etc.

Click here to learn even more about the data we crunch here at SurveyMonkey. If you’re with a university or foundation who reviews scholarship applications or manages grants, learn how our partner FluidReview can help you manage applications and reviews more effectively.

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