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Group Planning Startup Gathers Consumer Feedback; Puts Finishing Touches on Product Using SurveyMonkey Audience

Group Planning Startup Gathers Consumer Feedback; Puts Finishing Touches on Product Using SurveyMonkey Audience

What should a homepage look like? What’s a catchy but compelling tagling for a business? Which of these images depicts our product and what it’s all about?

These are the kinds of questions that Ethan Shen, the co-founder and product lead at, and his colleagues debated endlessly before coming to SurveyMonkey Audience.

DiveeUp is an online group planning tool built to help people have more adventures with their friends. They do this by addressing the two main obstacles for group events: researching and planning the event, and then getting commitment and collecting payment from everyone who’s attending. The New York startup used the new Self-Serve SurveyMonkey Audience feature, and ran two surveys; one to validate the core event organizing mechanic behind their business, and one to test out various screen configurations to find the most intuitive and appealing.

Stage 1: Validating the Core Business

DiveeUp’s first order of business was to test out the entire group planning tool concept with their target consumer base. Surveying about 150 people, ages 18 to 35, with an education level of some college or less, and those that are employed (full-time and part-time) or unemployed and looking for work, they found that 13% said that they’d definitely use the tool, and a good 53% said that “it might be useful”. Also, based on their findings from this first survey run, DiveeUp decided to fine tune their target market and aim for a more upscale demographic to be able to sell larger ticket items.

Whereas before collecting this kind of market validation would have required a massive beta testing effort, DiveeUp was able to quickly validate their idea in a matter of days, and gave them the confidence to invest in the build stage.

Stage 2: Building the Tool and Gathering Consumer Feedback on Features and Design

Among many other tasks that are part of the build stage is figuring out how to market your product to consumers. For their second survey run, DiveeUp wanted to get feedback on mockups of the 3 most important screens of their web service: the homepage, the event invite details page, and the event checkout page. They collected the opinions of over 100 people, ages 18 to 35, with an education level of at least some college education, and those who are employed (full-time and part-time) or unemployed and looking for work, on them.

Here’s what they were able to accomplish with the data:

Decide on a homepage design. Between 40 and 50% of respondents picked “Homepage Design 3” (above) as the easiest to understand, and the one that best communicates that you can plan and share expenses of group activities, and find deals on different types of activities. This made the decision pretty easy!

Strategizing the types of deals to offer on the event checkout page. On average, 50% of respondents reported that they are likely to click on deals related to food and alcohol, versus 33% who are likely to click on deals related to lodging and flights. However, while there’s a clear demand for food and alcohol offers, the plan is to actually de-emphasize them because DiveeUp wants to keep a branding focus on group trips and activities. 

Make the event checkout page and charging process clearer to users. Looking at the event checkout page mockup (right), 47% of the respondents didn’t realize that their credit card was being charged by Visa/MasterCard, and not DiveeUp. Hence, DiveeUp has decided to add a “What’s this?” information pop-up to help clear the confusion. The team will continue investigating this issue to find whether knowing the fee goes to Visa/MasterCard versus DiveeUp really affect’s people’s feelings about the charge or not.

By creating a simple survey, including screenshots of proposed features, and deploying their survey through Self-Serve, DiveeUp was able to get meaningful feedback on the clarity and viability of their idea in a matter of days!

Do you need feedback about your new application or product idea? The opinions of SurveyMonkey Audience members are just a few clicks away!

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