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Introducing Our Survey Help & Advice Column: “Dear Monkey…”!

Introducing Our Survey Help & Advice Column: “Dear Monkey…”!
Dear Monkey

Hey hey, survey fans! We’re super excited to bring you a brand new series to the blog–Dear Monkey…

Our fantastic Customer Engagement team, based in our Portland office, works hard every day answering your survey questions. Whether you need help adding images into your survey, you’re looking for tricks on setting your surveys up for social media success, or you just forgot your SurveyMonkey password (not again!), our monkeys are there for you.

With all the awesome customer questions that we receive, we thought a regular monthly column featuring some of the most common ones out there–with the answers of course–would be helpful. So without further ado, here’s our very first Dear Monkey…!

Dear Monkey,

Help! I sent out my survey to respondents earlier today and everything was working great! Now respondents are telling me that they are seeing a SurveyMonkey page instead of my survey when they click on the link. What happened to my survey?!

Yours truly,

Desperately Seeking Survey

Dear Desperately Seeking Survey,

Have no fear, the Monkey is here! My super monkey senses are telling me that the collector for your survey is set to “Only Allow One Response per computer”. This is the default setting for the Web Link, and the permanent setting for the Email Invitation. So if a respondent has already clicked on your survey link, and tries to come back at a later time, they will see a SurveyMonkey page, or the page that you’ve set up in your Survey Completion options.

The good news is, there is a quick and easy fix! You can change the collector settings to allow the respondent to return to the survey anytime prior to clicking “Done”, or, you can allow multiple responses per computer. Both of these settings will get your respondent back into your survey and providing you with the responses you need!

Happy surveying!

The Monkey

Have a Dear Monkey letter of yours to share? Don’t be shy, email us your question or leave them in the Comments section below and you just might be our next blog star!

And don’t forget, you can always email our Customer Engagement monkeys 24/7 with your survey questions at 


One thought on “Introducing Our Survey Help & Advice Column: “Dear Monkey…”!

  1. kaytek says:

    Depending on your Collector settings, the same person can take the survey as many times as they’d like. Here’s how to set it up:

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