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DataCracker and SurveyMonkey: dig deeper into your survey data

DataCracker and SurveyMonkey: dig deeper into your survey data

Heads up, data fans. We’ve got a tasty new SurveyMonkey integration treat to share with you–now introducing DataCracker!

What can you expect from the newest member in our integration family? Well, for starters…sophisticated analysis functionalities await you thanks to the power of DataCracker’s survey data visualization software.

Our new partners strongly believe that “anyone can do data analysis” and that with the right data collection tools at your fingertips–ahem, such as a certain online survey company–you can easily and quickly gather the information you need. DataCracker unearths the nuggets of wisdom hidden in your data. We’re talking meaningful, actionable nuggets that will help guide your decision-making.

Now that we’ve partnered up, you can import your SurveyMonkey surveys right into DataCracker. Thanks to an elegant and seamless user experience, including drag ‘n drop capabilities, you’ll be on your way to designing charts and tables in no time. Drag ‘n drop is just the beginning though.

You’ll also be able to massage and manipulate (in a good way!) your data with our integration. Need more granularity? Separate your data into categories. Have too many buckets? Easily merge them. Worried about those pesky data outliers? DataCracker calculates the standards of deviation and proactively points them out to you. In fact, DataCracker will even write contextual Hints and Tips based on your data.

In addition to our shared love of results, DataCracker also shares our appreciation for beautiful data visualization. While text analysis and word clouds are already part of SurveyMonkey, we think you’ll be pleased as punch to learn that DataCracker offers you even more advanced capabilities in that space. Their word cloud feature allows you to consolidate like terms into groups so that your British football-loving responders can be analyzed in the same bucket as their American soccer-loving counterparts. 

That all sounds pretty tantalizing to us…ready to take a peek and see how it works? Take a seat. Let’s dig in.

Special thanks to Tim Bock from the DataCracker team for spearheading this initiative.

We hope you find this integration as big of a data treat as we do and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

Interested in integrating with us? Head on over to our developer portal today!