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Customers Don’t Think Companies Listen to Feedback

Customers Don’t Think Companies Listen to Feedback

Feedback and LoyaltyAs a survey company, we already knew gathering and using customer feedback is important for any business.

To better understand how customers and companies perceive feedback and the effects mobile has had on collecting feedback, we teamed up with Apptentive to conduct two surveys of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers and professionals ages 18 and older. And, some of the results were a bit surprising.

Mobile Takes a Front Seat

Ask yourself this: how many mobile devices do I own? (You may even be reading this on a mobile device!) If your answer is greater than one, you’re not alone. Today, there are more than 8.6 billion active mobile devices worldwide. That’s more mobile devices on the planet than people.

But companies are behind in asking for feedback directly within the mobile experience. Our survey showed that consumers expect companies to be even more communicative on mobile than other channels. Consider the following:

  • Almost all (98%) of the survey respondents that prefer to leave feedback in-app are likely to do so when asked for it directly
  • Two-thirds of them (64%) expect companies to ask them for feedback directly
  • Of companies that saw their levels of customer loyalty decrease a great deal over the past year, two-thirds (66%) don’t have a mobile app

If for some reason you didn’t think mobile was important before, it’s time to think again!

Gathering Customer Feedback Is Only the First Step

So you created and sent a survey to your customer base for product feedback. Congratulations! You are well on your way to using feedback to make great business decisions. But, you still have some work to do.

Sadly, less than 1 in 5 respondents believe that most or all companies actually listen to that feedback, which is too bad seeing as following up on customer feedback is correlated with customer loyalty. So much so, in fact, that 97% of the respondents said they are at least somewhat likely to become loyal patrons to a company that implements their feedback.

When asking for feedback, don’t forget to close the loop. Try it once and you’ll be hooked.

Want to learn more about the state of customer feedback and what you can do to improve? Check out the full report — for free — by visiting Apptentive’s site.

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